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Server consolidation

19th March 2018 by 
Gerald Mercieca


  • Infrastructure consumes large quantities of energy resulting in a significant chunk of a company’s costs and carbon footprint
  • 6 to 12% of the energy used by data centres is actually used to perform...
15th June 2016 by 
Neil McMenemy

Organisations are not getting the full benefits that they should from infrastructure consolidation

Our research has shown that many datacentres are underutilised, even more so than they think they are. This leads...

14th June 2016 by 
Neil McMenemy

Why don't organisations consolidate their infrastructure, when they could realise large savings?

15th April 2016 by 
Neil McMenemy

You’re not using your Datacentre as much as you think you are

A data centre is a dedicated building space where companies can keep and operate most of the ICT infrastructure that supports their business. This...