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Cloud Cost Optimisation

We can rapidly and sustainably reduce your cloud spend. Our consultants are experts in reducing cloud costs while maximising performance and scalability.

At Capacitas, we have more than 20 years of cloud cost optimisation experience. It is what we do, and we are experts at it! Our consultants have not encountered a single enterprise cloud platform or data centre where they have not identified significant optimisations.


Cloud Optimisation is the process we use to:

  • Identify and realise cost-saving opportunities across your technology stack          
  • Understand your estate requirements so you pay for what you need. Don’t overconsume. 
  • Help you build high-performing teams with a cost-optimisation mindset.

Through our Cloud Optimisation our clients achieve significant cost savings, typically between 20% to 70% of their cloud spend. This results in more effective and higher performing cloud infrastructure.

Results we have delivered to our clients

  • Reduced Cegid cloud spend by €6m p.a. and at the same time enabled a 27% increase in subscribers.
  • Delivered a $30M p.a. reduction in cloud spend and at the same time, a 30% increase in user base.
  • Scaled from 60 to 90M subscribers whilst reducing cloud spend by $26M p.a., with a 96% reduction in incidents.
  • Enabled JAGGAER to stay $2.7M under their predicted annual cloud spend
Danny Quilton

Danny Quilton



When JAGGAER started embarking on a large-scale cloud migration, we were looking for insight into whether it would be possible to reduce the costs associated with such a migration.....

...To no surprise we found a huge number of offerings and we reached out to quite a few of them and got back all kind of responses. Most of the responses were formed out of blueprint toolkits which did not necessarily go down to the specifics of the JAGGAER landscape and problems which is something we definitely wanted.

That changed when we started reaching out to Capacitas and which ultimately also led to the decision to work with them. They got back to us with a scientific and fact-based approach. The numbers made sense which was very important to us. They worked with us based on individual audits and discovery workshops which proved to be of massive value to us. They also split the cloud journey into phases which gave us digestible chunks of work and allowed us to define reachable milestones. This also impressed one of the biggest stakeholders within JAGGAER, as with probably many other organisations our size which undertake a cloud journey, was our CFO.

Capacitas came back with a plan to us that reached from initial optimisation to constant compliance, something we considered very important, because a mistake we have seen with many cloud migration programs is that after a phase of optimisation they simply vanish because the figures look good! However, if you do that in a year or two from when that program ends, you will find yourself the same situation you started with. 

So, as important as getting your environment, your instances and your technical setups tidied up is the establishment of a compliance framework in parallel which helps you to keep your cost and technical setup under control from then on. Also, as part of that compliance framework and offering, Capacitas also provided us with methodologies and metrics to control if we were following that path. It is a factual, scientific approach they follow from the beginning to end, and it is something we valued a lot! All in all, their measures consisted of short term value and long term gains which was the combination we were looking for to ultimately get to where we needed to be. 

Also, as part of the discovery workshops they provided us with an initial savings projections which was hugely valuable to us, and especially stakeholders such as our CFO, as it allowed us to not only project where we thought we would end up with our AWS cloud spend, if we didn’t act, but also the budgetary impact constantly seeing where would land with the current optimisation and with what we still had up our sleeves after the workshop. This turned into a constant and very simple tool to digest tool of control for our path towards a more optimised cloud spend.”

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Martin Kersch, CTO JAGGAER.

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Customer Pain Points

  • Cloud costs out of control
  • Margin erosion
  • Cloud costs growing faster than business growth
  • Budget constraints
  • Uncertainty in forward budgets
  • Cloud draining investment away from product delivery teams

What we do

  • Discovery of your cloud demand, cost, capacity and performance
  • Define the size of the opportunity, the barriers and a plan to achieve it
  • Deliver the optimisation plan with your team
  • Rapidly evaluate optimisations in live
  • Embed capability into your teams
  • Maintain the gains as you grow


  • x4 Savings opportunities compared to conventional FinOps methods 
  • Up to 70% reduction in cloud spend
  • Increased technology scalability
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduction in service outages
  • Increased productivity in engineering teams 
  • Improved culture and mindsets 

The Purpose

At Capacitas, we help you build a better technology stack that allows you to realise your cloud opportunities while improving the performance of key services. We find any pattern in cost, usage, and performance relative to your business demands. These cost patterns include:

  • Cost growth exceeds business growth over the medium-long term.
  • Cost profiles that do not fall when the business demand signal falls.
  • Capacity consumption patterns that do not follow the business demand pattern. 
  • Capacity consumption that is low across the cloud estate even when individual instances are busy
  • Use of premium cloud compute or storage where it is unnecessary
  • High network costs relative to the overall cloud bill

We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately.
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Our Approach

  1. Free Diagnostic identify the size of the optimisation opportunity. Free as you should only pay where opportunities exist.
  2. Discovery to set phased optimisation targets. Build an implementation plan to deliver the optimisation and address any barriers.
  3. Realise – Work with your teams to deliver the optimisations in the plan. Validate the optimisations in live.
  4. Transform – Build enduring capability in your teams to deliver optimisation as an ongoing engineering practice.
  5. Support – Maintain the gains with your teams as your business evolves and new cloud technologies emerge.
Read how we saved Cegid €6M per annum and achieved 27% growth in business with no overall increase in cloud infrastructure

What Do We Deliver?

Opportunity Backlog

Identify initial opportunities to take to realisation with existing teams/individuals.

Support in Performance Issues

Resolution methodologies for blockers of major optimisations with a performance-first mindset.

Cost Optimised Systems & Costs Savings

Achieve a cost-efficient technology stack while improving the performance of your key services and teams.

Optimisation Tracker Report

Continuous tracking of the expected value of each opportunity, how much has been achieved and when the remaining amount will be delivered.

Deep-dive Analysis

Estimate savings and confirm that they can be delivered safely in production.

Steerco Reporting

Weekly Steerco reporting on the progress of the overall savings, status of the key optimisations and recommended actions to unblock optimisations.


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We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately.
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