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Private Equity

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Growth Companies Need Expert Insight to Harness the Full Potential of the Cloud

For private equity operating partners and company CEO’s, the growth that should distinguish a successful business can be undermined by the way it uses the cloud. Growth is a prime driver for organisations migrating to the cloud, with many scale-up portfolio companies achieving multiples of growth every year. These organisations often focus on capacity alone and find that costs grow faster than expected, that availability becomes a problem, and performance fails to deliver a great user experience.

What We Do

At Capacitas, we help you build a better technology stack that allows you to realise your cloud opportunities while improving the performance of key services. We find any pattern in cost, usage, and performance relative to your business demands. These cost patterns include:

  • Growth in costs that is more than the business growth – over months.
  • Cost that doesn’t go down when the business demand signal lowers
  • Capacity usage that doesn’t follow business demand (i.e., weekends etc.)
  • Capacity usage that is low across the estate even when individual servers are busy
  • Use of premium cloud compute or storage where it is unnecessary
  • We look for high network costs relative to the rest of the cloud bill



Through our Cloud Optimisation process, our clients achieve significant cost savings, typically between 20% and 45% of their cloud spend. This resulting in more effective and higher performing cloud infrastructure.

Organisations we have helped thrive


We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately.
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Deliver Cloud Value through Digital Transformation

At Capacitas, we have 20 years of digital transformation experience. It is what we do, and we are experts at it! Our consultants have not encountered a single enterprise cloud platform or data centre where they have not identified (often significant) cloud cost optimisations. But it is not just cost – often issues with scalability, stability and reliability can creep in as capacity is expanded as a primary driver.

By leveraging the cloud, private equity companies can start the digital transformation process and gain the agility to seize opportunities early on in any engagement. We impact the bottom line directly, significantly, and quickly.




The 2022 Flexera State of the Cloud Report found that 66% of respondents

had higher-than-expected cloud usage, while on average organisations

said they waste 32% of their expenditure.

Cloud Optimisation is the process we use to:

* Identify and realise cost-saving opportunities across your technology stack                     

* Understand your estate requirements so you pay for what you need. Don’t overconsume.

* Help you build high-performing teams with a cost optimisation mindset

Our Approach

1) Cloud Opportunity and Risk Assessment – Identify the initial size of the opportunity for each service/product and define technical teams' ownership.

2) Opportunity planning - Define estimated delivery roadmap of optimisations (quick wins vs long-term wins). Different opportunities will require different approaches. Depending on the size of the program, you could have dozens of opportunities in flight at any point in time.

3) Opportunity implementation – Remove barriers, mitigate risks, and implement changes to the technology stack.

4) Opportunity validation – Analyse the impact of changes to the business

Long Term Success

In the longer term, the cloud can positively assist PE companies to unlock savings across their portfolios. Sustainable cost-savings and performance improvements alongside the agility to meet market and stakeholder demands, to quickly seize opportunities for growth, and to improve top and bottom-line revenue...


We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately.
Book your free cloud diagnostic today.