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04th December 2019 by 
Manzoor Mohammed

Black Friday 2019 was really successful for UK retailers. This is excellent news for retail, given all the challenges facing the sector. 

28th November 2019 by 
Manzoor Mohammed

There’s no doubt that cloud is essential for any organisation wanting to stay competitive and encourage innovation to flourish. And if managed effectively, it can offer significant cost-saving and efficiency...

07th November 2019 by 
Manzoor Mohammed

It feels a bit like last-minute Christmas shopping — that frantic scramble to find a less than impressive gift. Only in this case, it's not too late to delight the business with an impressive performance over the...

29th October 2019 by 
Manzoor Mohammed

Until recently, major investments in hardware and software were signed off by the board as one-off CAPEX purchases. But the rise in public cloud use means there’s been a significant shift in the way services are...

18th September 2019 by 
Manzoor Mohammed

Let me begin by saying that I’m impressed by the work McKinsey has done on cloud adoption. The article I’m focusing on is quite right to assert that ‘companies tend to fall into the trap of confusing simply...