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Capacity management

18th March 2024 by 
Gerald Mercieca

A weekend where deliveries don’t seem to be …. delivering. One of Britain’s favourite food delivery go-tos, Just Eat, reported on its socials of “experiencing some technical issues” on Friday evening – a crucial...

18th March 2024 by 
Sneha Awasthi

Recently, Sainsbury's and Tesco encountered significant “technical challenges”, impacting online shopping deliveries and payment processes. These incidents highlight the vulnerability of even the most established...

28th June 2023 by 
Jason Cross

When we deploy resources, we typically pick the location closest to us. Maybe we have latency or performance in mind, however, all is not equal when it comes to location.  

10th September 2018 by 
Neil McMenemy

Designing and building an effective capacity management function has never been more challenging: the competition for talented staff is high, as is the current workload of projects and 'business-as-usual'. At the...