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The cloud continues to revolutionise the iGaming industry which has been booming worldwide over the past 10 years!
With year-on-year growth of 11.7% seeing the EU leading the wave and the US market quickly catching up, it is evident that technology has consistently been at the heart to the success of the industry enabling rapid growth and scalability to support the demand from it’s end-user base.


Historically well positioned for large scale exponential growth due to a largely an un-regulated industry, there are now shockwaves being sent across the globe giving a rapidly changing landscape. Following a massive boom in iGaming revenue during the pandemic, countries started enforcing stricter regulations and disrupting the existing business models of the industry.

Whilst the industry gains stability, the current status shows a turbulent future in an ever more regulated market and seeing larger organisations competing to maintain and expand their user base within their operating markets and even tougher challenges in penetrating new ones.

At Capacitas, we are on a mission to empower leaders in iGaming to stay ahead of the game and navigate the rough seas through unrivalled cloud optimisation and DevSecOps expertise.

Focusing on delivering outstanding services that revolve around DevSecOps, Cost Optimisation, Capacity Management and Performance Engineering, our objective is to ensure iGaming organisations remain competitive and operational whilst maintaining the best-in-class technology products to the end users that the industry has always been a leader in.

Results we have delivered to our clients

Reduce Cloud spend by €6m p.a. and 27% increase in SaaS users, with stability improvements.
Delivered a $30m p.a. reduction in Cloud spend, 30% increase in users with an improvement in performance.
Increased the revenue of an e-commerce platform by £12m p.a. by removing a series of critical system bottlenecks.
Scaled from 60-90m subscribers while reducing Cloud spend by $26m p.a. with a 96% reduction in incidents.
Reduce costs by 90% and improved performance to the tune of 90% fewer Cloud instances.
Reduced test tool costs by £700k by migrating to an open-source alternative.

At Capacitas we have more than 20 years of cloud cost optimisation experience. It is what we do, and we are experts at it! Our consultants have not encountered a single enterprise cloud platform or datacentre where they have not identified (often significant) optimisations.


Customer Pain Points

  • Budget Contrains
  • Time constrained and risk averse
  • Inaccurate sizing due to weak performance testing methodologies
  • High amount of undiscovered cost opportunities or evidence of waste/ over consumption
  • Engineering methodologies are not geared to do cloud / treating cloud like a data centre
  • Inaccurate demand forecasts
  • Excess capacity put in place to compensate for software bottlenecks
  • Lack of methodology


What we do

  • Understand the system, team and users
  • Estimate opportunity size
  • Look beyond housekeeping
  • Model based on assessment
  • Rapidly evaluate optimisations in live
  • Model impact for full rollout



  • Reduction in cost through optimisation of auto scaling
  • Remove technical constraints to enable rightsizing
  • Deliver ongoing rightsizing into live without service risk
  • Measurement and understanding of the efficiency of your systems and knowing what good looks like

The cloud has never played a more important role for the iGaming industry as it helps to Scale Operations, Reduce Cost, Improve Security, and Innovate more quickly to keep up with the relentless need for change.


Cloud Optimisation is naturally an area at the top of a many agendas as it helps to:


Reduce costs

Cloud optimisation can help you reduce your cloud computing costs by optimising your cloud resource usage. This is done by using the right cloud services for the job, right-sizing infrastructure, and fine-tune applications to achieve the best performance with no un-necessary hosting overheads in application-level logic. Our Cloud Cost Optimisation services assure your organisation maximise value while minimising expenses and ensuring that you achieve unparalleled efficiency without even compromising on quality. Gain budget control and predictability. A well optimised cloud budget is a predictable one! 

Be agile

By optimising your cloud teams processes, methodologies and practices, your systems will become more agile and easier to change and maintain. Quickly and easily implementing functional and non-functional changes through well-oiled pipelines and processes is critical for iGaming organisations that need to be able to respond quickly to changes in user and regulatory demands. Within the DevSecOps space, we pride ourselves in being your trusted partner in harnessing the power of agile frameworks and help integrate best-practice development, operations and security practices throughout the cloud infrastructure lifecycle, enabling rapid, secure, and reliable delivery of applications and services. 

Improve performance

Cloud optimisation also helps you to improve the performance of your games products by optimising the game's underlying code and assets. Performance goes hand-in-hand with assuring an efficient, resilient and stable product for your end-user and our Performance Engineering services help fine-tune and elevate system performance, bolstering responsiveness and reliability even during the most demanding scenarios.

Increase scalability

Ensuring your platforms scalability can meet your business demand at any point in time is vital in the iGaming landscape which experiences drastic peaks in demand throughout the year. Cloud Optimisation makes it easier to add or remove cloud resources as needed and when needed. Capacitas knowledge and expertise in Capacity Management assures gaming organisations that your platforms remain agile, scalable and adaptable to the known and other unforseen needs without having an adverse impact on your underlying cost of operations. This ensures your OPEX is kept in check, and you always know what to expect in a vast range of unforeseen scenarios. 

Cloud optimisation is an essential asset for gaming companies seeking to Slash Expenses, Elevate Performance, Amplify Scalability, and Fortify Security. By tuning your cloud resources, you unlock valuable assets that can be redirected towards other crucial aspects of your business, enabling you to adapt and respond to shifting demands with unrivaled agility and efficiency.

We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately.
Book your free cloud diagnostic today.

Our approach





Gerald Frank Mercieca
Client Director - Retail, eCommerce and iGaming

Gerald is a core member of the Capacitas consulting team with focus on Performance Strategy, Engineering Efficiency and Cost Optimisation practices. Since joining the firm in 2016, Gerald has been helping our clients tackle problems in their IT delivery through improving DevSecOps processes and building frameworks fit-for-purpose, supported business-critical performance teams within Agile workflows and manage the risk of change within the client’s infrastructure and applications across a range of enterprise clients and sectors. He has helped enable business scalability by assuring stable operations and providing strategic insight to a wide range of clients.

At the back of ongoing transformation of the eCommerce and iGaming businesses, Gerald has been working closely with clients to support them on technology development, operational improvements and cost optimisation which help fund the clients journey into the future and maintain relevance in the fast paced technological landscape and regulatory pressures.

What Do We Deliver?


Organisational Opportunity Backlog

Identify initial opportunities to take to realisation within existing teams, programs and individuals.

Support in Performance Issues

Resolution methodologies for blockers of major optimisations with a performance-first mindset.

Optimised Systems & Costs Savings

Achieve a cost-efficient technology stack while improving performance of your key services and teams.

CCO Tracker Report

Continuous tracking of the expected value of each opportunity, how much has been achieved and when the remaining amount will be delivered.

Deep-dive Analysis

Estimate savings and confirm that they can be delivered safely in production.

Steerco Reporting

Weekly Steerco reporting on progress of the overall savings, status of the key optimisations and recommended actions to unblock optimisations.

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