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Our Methodologies & Frameworks

Our unique ways of looking at capacity and performance management are core to everything we do

Our Methodologies

Every project we’ve completed has taught us something new and empowered us to fine-tune the methodologies central to the way we work. These ways of approaching capacity and performance management allow us to answer our clients’ challenges with scalable and repeatable solutions which balance service risk and cost to deliver quantifiable benefits.

Capacitas Methodology
Prepare for Peak

Prepare for Peak

Nearly all enterprise organisations are going to experience peaks in traffic that have the potential to disrupt the customer experience – negatively affecting revenue and reputation.

Our Prepare for Peak methodology ensures your core IT systems don’t fail when you need them most, with automated testing and analysis at forecasted peaks, not just your current limits.

By starting preparations well in advance of your busiest trading periods, regularly revaluating your “peaks” and constantly retesting your ability to meet demand, we can ensure that peak won’t be painful for you or your customers.

Performance Risk Modelling

Performance Risk Modelling

With every change made to an application’s code there is a risk that performance will be negatively affected. And the more comprehensive the code change, the bigger the risk.

Our Performance Risk Modelling methodology not only systematically identifies performance risk in any application but also assists your team by ensuring they design applications in a way that eliminates risk.

By modelling risk across our 7 Pillars of Performance framework, we’re better able to define a fuller picture of the risks to your system and highlight any potential capacity or overspending hotspots too.

Software Performance Engineering

Software Performance Engineering

When an organisation strives for a Continuous Delivery or Agile software delivery model, the chances of bugs making it into live software increases – a side effect of trying to rush out more frequent releases, more quickly.

Our Software Performance Engineering methodology vastly reduces performance risks by integrating testing into all stages of your development lifecycle, including post-release tests to validate software is performing as intended. This methodology also optimises software for better performance, reducing wasted capacity.

By adopting a risk-based perspective, building on our Performance Risk Modelling methodology, we ensure effort is targeted appropriately. Additionally, regular design and code performance reviews ensure performance best practice is built into the application – and any future software releases.

IT Cost Management

IT Cost Management

Every organisation understands the very real struggle between the need for investment in IT systems and the need for a balanced budget.

Our IT Cost Management methodology ensures spending on capacity allows your employees and customers to benefit from high levels of performance, without blowing your budget and adversely affecting your organisation’s bottom-line.

By delivering better data and analysis ensure more accurate forecasting, less unnecessary spending and fewer performance risks. Ultimately resulting in any IT spend empowering your business, rather than impoverishing it.


Our Frameworks

At Capacitas, one of our core beliefs is that traditional ways of defining software performance are no longer adequate in the modern-day business landscape. Making more frequent code changes, more quickly, means performance risk is higher and more comprehensive testing is needed to avoid it.

Our frameworks ensure we analyse all the relevant information available – rather than just a fraction of it, like many competitors – to give us a fuller picture of your software and a more detailed strategy to enhance its performance.

The 7 Pillars of Software Performance

The 7 Pillars of Software Performance

The 7 Pillars of Software Performance is our proprietary framework for delivering system and software performance by testing and analysing across seven key areas of performance.

It empowers us to define and implement your performance engineering strategy and deliver a solution to control performance whilst enabling faster and more frequent business change.

Need a more in-depth understanding of this framework?  Take a look at our 7 Pillars of Software Performance infographic

Service Metrics Framework

Service Metrics Framework

Our Service Metrics framework is a method we use to abstract performance of any software or hardware component. It provides us with 16 key metrics of performance, which are then used to find and fix any performance issues in your systems.

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