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Our Software

Unique uses of technology to help tackle business critical capacity and performance challenges

How Our Software Helps

Our unique approach to capacity and performance management blends proven methodologies and industry-trusted tools with our passion for discovering new ways of using technology to solve familiar obstacles faced by modern businesses. 

Our biggest strength is our ability to apply our previous experiences to your organisation's particular IT challenges. Critical thinking and problem solving take up most of our time, so we let our software stack handle time-intensive tasks like testing and analysis. 

Thanks to the rapid evolution of automation, machine learning and cloud computing, we’re now able to perform testing and analysis more quickly, more frequently and more accurately – with AI efficiently identifying performance pathologies.

And as the software we use evolves, we’re beginning to push the boundaries of what we can do with performance engineering and capacity management.

Capacitas Software
Automated Performance Test Analysis

Automated Performance Test Analysis

Testing means very little without the ability to quickly and efficiently analyse the results, so our performance testing analysis software is crucial to our approach. We get a fuller view of your business by testing and analysing across more metrics than competitors – using our Service Metric framework (see Framework section) to identify the key performance metrics to examine.

We can easily integrate our software with all common performance test tooling and other existing tools, directly into your build pipeline and once testing is complete we compare results to previously established baselines and thresholds to identify problem areas.

Our unique “pattern matching” technology can spot defects at very low loads, in test cycles of just a few minutes and by automating our processes, we’ve managed to reduce the time needed for analysis from 3 hours to just 3 minutes.

So, you’ll be able to deliver feedback to developers faster, detect more defects, and lower costs.

Cloud Load Testing

Cloud Load Testing

We find our clients rarely have test environments that are sufficiently scaled to realistically simulate peak periods.

Our cloud load testing platform and software are capable of simulating up to 500,000 users at once, providing complete confidence in your ability to handle any peak you might experience – automating the entire process including analysis, ensuring a fast turnaround of results.

This process works hand-in-hand with our automated performance test analysis, so unlike competitors we can pinpoint performance bottlenecks in your infrastructure and target efforts accordingly.

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

Our Operational Analytics tool has been developed to proactively identify problematic performance and capacity issues before they become service-impacting incidents – as well as finding areas of under-utilised capacity and wasted costs.

It collects and analyses performance and capacity data from a massive range of sources – including server monitoring tools, APM tools and application logs – to detect risk based on what’s normal for the service, not thresholds. The intelligent software is able to score and prioritise issues based on the size and severity of the risk.

UX Testing

UX Testing

Understanding client-side performance is a vital factor in delivering incredible user experiences, with up to 80% of the response time experienced by the user spent at the client.

Our expansive UX Testing tools empower you to identify issues across mobile and desktop platforms, with cross-browser support to capture 53 performance KPIs throughout your user’s journey.

Automated testing means more thorough and accurate results than conventional methods, and because it can be integrated directly into your CI-pipeline, feedback is delivered to developers more quickly - so fixes should be integrated faster. 

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