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Deliver growth

10th January 2018 by 
Danny Quilton

Here at Capacitas we are often asked by clients of the feasibility of validating the scalability of a service by running a performance test against the live (production) service. Having delivered testing against...

04th August 2017 by 
Frank Warren

Boiling the Ocean - exposing data centre migration risks with risk modelling


In 2016 a global retail company embarked on a massive datacentre migration programme. A total of 138 applications were in...

06th July 2017 by 
Nick Stevens

 The Topic:

Continuous Performance Engineering? Moving fast without breaking things

By combining John Pillar's profound experience as a Retail Transformation Evangelist with multiple leading retailers, and the...

29th June 2017 by 
Nick Stevens

 Introduction: Threshold alerting has limited value

Threshold alerts are by far the most common way of detecting operational issues. Your page load times are high, your disks are filling up, your CPU’s are...

18th November 2016 by 
Nick Stevens

Hardly a week passes without another major online brand suffering from cyber-attacks of one form or another, with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks becoming more and more common. These attacks involve...