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31st May 2013 by 

A few weeks ago we discussed how using minimum utilisation could help characterise operational issues. A server had failed and some ‘after the fact’ analysis had shown that its CPU utilisation had increased on a...

10th May 2013 by 

Last week I noticed this headline on BBC News: 'Smarter' South East airport capacity needed. Having a natural interest in capacity, and also airports, the title sounded intriguing – what does the BBC actually...

02nd May 2013 by 

Operational Capacity Management (OCM) is a discipline that deals with the day-to-day management of IT systems. Typically focussed on infrastructure rather than business processes there are many metrics and...

01st February 2013 by 


In the previous three parts of this blog series we have developed a forecast of file storage size and implemented some parameters to allow the end user to adjust the forecast (such as adding additional growth...