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21st March 2013 by 

In previous posts we looked a few simple ways to create forecasts in Excel, first using Time Series Decomposition, and also regression against business drivers.

26th February 2013 by 

Have you ever wondered how Excel calculates that nice trend line in your not so perfect data? I’m guessing not and that you take it for granted, and hand in reports without actually knowing the statistics and...

12th February 2013 by 

In my earlier posts on forecasting with Time Series Decomposition (see Forecasting: Further Time Series Decomposition in Excel) we looked at producing a forecast based on historical behaviour of the data. The...

01st February 2013 by 


In the previous three parts of this blog series we have developed a forecast of file storage size and implemented some parameters to allow the end user to adjust the forecast (such as adding additional growth...