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Performance Engineering

Tackle performance challenges head-on and protect your users, revenue and reputation.


Our Performance Engineering services support the software development lifecycle with our unique methodology that enables us to identify and resolve risks early. Performance Engineering is carried out during design, build, testing and deployment of new systems and applications.

Performance Engineering is

  • Proactive, continuous, and end-to-end application performance testing and monitoring.
  • Allowing seamless collaboration between teams, tools, and processes through continuous feedback loops.

We combine our unique methodology with our powerful proprietary software to help you identify performance risks early through test automation – including performance testing, stress testing and load testing.


Results we have delivered to our clients

  • £12M increase in the Black Friday revenue of an e-commerce platform by eliminating critical system bottlenecks.
  • Scaled core Test & Trace systems to achieve 6M Covid-19 tests per day
  • 96% reduction in service-impacting incidents 
  • Over £1M p.a. efficiency saving through automated quality engineering 
  • £700K reduction in test tool costs by migrating to an open-source alternative

We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately. Book your free cloud diagnostic today.

Customer Pain Points

  • Poor customer experience with digital services
  • Loss of revenue & reputation damage from service outages
  • Unable to handle business peaks
  • High rate of failed change
  • Long time to restore outages

What we do

  • Performance risk modelling
  • Design and code performance reviews
  • Profiling and unit performance testing 
  • Early load testing
  • Integration stress & load testing
  • Systems performance modelling
  • Production validation


  • Improved customers experience
  • Increased rate of business change
  • Reduction in  service outages
  • Reduce testing costs 
  • Reduced cloud costs
  • Reduce the risk of revenue-impacting incidents

Our Approach

Free Diagnostic – Identify performance optimisation opportunities to improve user experience and system scalability. Similar to the Cloud Cost Optimisation this diagnostic is data-driven using your performance production data. We will identify opportunities to improve any of the 7 pillars of performance.

Discovery – First paid engagement. Setting the optimisation targets and putting an implementation plan in place to realise those performance optimisations. At this stage we also identify the risks across your people, processes, and technologies.

Realise – Working with your teams to deliver the implementation plan.

Transform – At this stage we help you build an enduring performance engineering capability within your teams in order to deliver an on-going engineering practice.

Support – Maintain capabilities in your teams ensuring they function smoothly no matter what is thrown at them. 

How your business will benefit from working with Team Capacitas

Our Performance Engineering solutions will get your systems fighting fit to handle your predicted peaks – and beyond! Our team of experts will determine your current throughput limit and identify the associated bottlenecks, to reveal the next steps to scale upwards.

We deliver benefits in 4 areas:

  • Increased rate of business change

  • Reduced testing & cloud costs

  • Increased revenue

  • Improved service quality

Does your business:

  • Experience poor customer experience?
  • Experience loss of revenue or poor conversion on e-commerce services?
  • Encounter high failure rates when making changes to digital services?
  • Have software inefficiencies that result in high cloud costs?
  • Have a laborious and costly software defect-resolution process?

Performing Engineering with Capacitas

Engage with Capacitas and we will become part of your development process throughout the change lifecycle, ensuring your system can function smoothly no matter what’s thrown at it without sacrificing the performance expected by your users.


We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately.
Book your free cloud diagnostic today.

Read how we saved Cegid €6M per annum and achieved 27% growth in business with no overall increase in cloud infrastructure

Risk Modelling

To ensure performance engineering effort is targeted appropriately, we identify and focus on the high risks areas.

Profiling and Unit Testing

To ensure developers can identify hotspots early in the development lifecycle.

Integration Load Testing

To provide regression testing of production-like user scenarios

Design and Code Performance Reviews

To ensure performance best-practice is built into your application

Early Load Testing

 To quickly identify performance and load-related issues for swift resolution

Production Validation

Leverage observability tools to pinpoint and remove performance risks before they become incidents. Learn from observed performance to continuously improve future cycles.

User Experience

To measure the page speed as experienced by the user and provide feedback for web/mobile optimisation.


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