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About Us

Helping organisations with complex digital footprints to increase revenue,

control cloud cost and eliminate service instability

Our Story

Andy, Danny and Manzoor started Capacitas from various London coffee shops in January 2002, since then Capacitas has helped the world's leading companies achieve outstanding performance and cost efficient systems. We regularly work with companies with a digital revenue greater than $100m.

We believe great performance looks like: Always available digital systems, super fast and cost-efficient, without ever slowing down your rate of business change.

Although every organisation is unique and technologies change, great performance never changes.

And that’s exactly what Capacitas does: we work with clients to deliver outstanding results, using our unique combination of software, methodologies and teams.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to performance assurance reduces the cost of business-critical IT systems, as well as their risk of failure, through capacity and performance management, using our distinctive combination of proprietary software, proven methodologies and experienced people.

Our Results

Our unique approach to performance and cost enables us to deliver substantial reductions in cloud costs and performance risks -including an incredible saving of £23m p.a. for one customer.

In parallel, we've helped customers successfully scale their systems to support up to 60m concurrent users and 100 orders per second during peaks.

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Our Team

At Capacitas, we’re more than just software and ways of working. We’re a team.

To be exact, we’re a team of 35 thought-leaders, trusted advisors, experienced heads, forward thinkers, expert communicators and innovators.

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Our Methodologies

Our success over the last 15 years is no accident.

Every project we’ve been a part of has helped fine-tune our unique mix of methodologies. These allow us to answer your challenges with scalable and repeatable solutions that balance service risk and cost to deliver quantifiable positive results.

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Our Software

Past success doesn’t stop us from looking forward.

Although our ways of working are proven to deliver results, our stack of proprietary and industry-standard software is constantly evolving to help you tackle your challenges with fast, efficient and scalable solutions.

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