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About us

We help you achieve Cloud Confidence

Cloud computing has come a long way since Google coined the phrase in 2006. Many businesses have built their entire company around it, from eCommerce pioneers to global industry giants.

With the cost of service disruptions running so high, it’s no wonder many companies seek to guarantee performance with additional capacity. But that comes at a cost


Capacitas was built around the idea that there is a better way.

Through sophisticated analysis and engineering, we set out to prove that companies could have it all. High levels of performance that can scale in line with the most ambitious growth plans. All the while reducing the cost of cloud computing.

How do we do this? By managing and optimizing cost, capacity and performance as one. We help tech leaders develop a holistic approach at every layer of the technology stack.

Siloed in teams, stymied by poor communications, many IT departments are unable to see the root cause of poor performance. Most rely on boosting capacity to fix application problems – and pay for it. But like pumping air into a punctured tyre, this is no long term fix.

Delivering confidence in the Cloud

Over 20 years we have pursued a single goal. To help tech leaders improve the profitability of their cloud operations by managing cost, performance and scalability as one.

A lot of this is about building confidence. We show IT teams it’s possible to fix performance issues without boosting capacity. We give them the skills to root out underlying issues at every layer of the tech stack. And we teach the methodology required to scale while keeping costs down.

Proven commercial results

We are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands. From easyJet to Ancestry.com, Skype to Dominos – dozens of tech leaders have seen the impact of our work on their bottom line.


JD Sports

x2.5 increase in Black Friday revenue with no additional capacity costs.


70% reduction in Cloud spend with no impact on performance.


Scaled from 40m-90m subscribers while reducing Cloud spend by $26m pa.


90% cloud cost reduction and simultaneously improving customer experience

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A team of friendly experts

Headquartered in central London, our team of 35 cloud experts have the skills, experience and engineering know-how to get the job done.

Diversity is important to us, and our mix of different ages and backgrounds means we’ll find the right fit for any business.

Our founders – Andy, Danny and Manzoor – are recognised as leaders in the field, regularly appearing at industry events and in the press.

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