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DevSecOps Engineering

Delivering high-quality technology products faster and safer.

DevSecOps removes the barriers which prevent your business from delivering and updating systems at speed! DevSecOps keep you at the leading edge of technology, supporting a faster, safer, and much more cost-effective delivery of your applications.

DevSecOps is the process we use to:

  • Tackle all 4 vectors of scalability, cost, quality and capability at the same time
  • Fully develop pipeline automation
  • Address the entire technology stack
  • Transfer knowledge and capabilities to help you build high-performing teams

Through our DevSecOps engagements, clients achieve faster product development with higher quality, fewer incidents and reduced costs. The engagements result in higher governance and team efficiency.

Results we have delivered to our clients

  • Reduced time taken to release by 21 days
  • Reduced cloud spend by £2M per annum
  • 89% reduction in production incidents
  • £1M per annum in team efficiency savings
  • QA test cycles cut from 2 weeks to 2 hours
Thomas Barns-1

Thomas Barns

Service Design Director


Benefits of DevSecOps are:

  • Speed (DORA metrics improvements – relase more often and release quicker – achieving more thorughout of change.
  • Quality (Reduced incidents, improved time to fix)
  • Cost Savings (Cloud costs, tooling & people costs)



Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Automation

Automation is at the art of what we do. With the expotential increase in the volume of data, DevOps has been leveraging machine learning and AI technologies to assist and improve processes whilst optimising costs across the technology landscape.

Bots powered automated development, and maintenance of automated testing via self-healing capabilities is the future, and DevSecOps is leading the way in terms of implementation of AI toolsets.

Customer Pain Points

  • Slow rate of change delivery
  • Large backlog of business change
  • High rates of service incidents resulting from change
  • High cloud and tooling costs

What we do

  • Maturity assessment
  • Detailed discovery workshops
  • Automation of DORA metrics
  • DevSecOps toolchain definition
  • Pipeline and test automation
  • Tooling consolidation
  • Collaborative handover to your teams


  • Faster product development 
  • Greater business agility
  • Improved software quality
  • Reduction in service-impacting incidents
  • Cloud and tooling cost reduction
  • Greater team efficiency 

Our Approach

Diagnostic – We perform a high-level maturity assessment across your core team in order to assess 10 areas of DevSecOps maturity.

Discovery – At this stage we perform a deep dive discovery with your teams to make recommendations to identify maturity gaps and to identify opportunities for cost reduction, increasing speed, and improve quality. We then build an implementation plan to address those recommendations and to deliver those opportunities.

Realise – Working with your teams to deliver the implementation plan.

Transform - Roll out the proven capability to the rest of the teams to adopt the DevSecOps operating model as an ongoing engineering practice. Validate teams can operate independently.

Support - Maintain the gains with your teams as your business evolves and new technologies emerge.

Some of the pain points DevSecOps will help you solve. 

  • Business change taking too long
  • Lack of visibility on speed of delivery and where the bottlenecks lie
  • Engineering teams work in silos with different tools and methodologies causing delays
  • Existing methodologies are long and complicated with little to no automation
  • Improvements across teams are disjointed with no common goals
  • Duplication of tools doing the same thing – wasting significant budget
  • No clear visualisation of systems
  • High rates of change-related service incidents

How your business will benefit from engaging with team Capacitas 

Your business will be able to drive process improvements to increase overall capability and organisational maturity supporting the technology growth. Your teams will improve their collaboration with the right visibility while reducing costs and using automation to speed up development cycles without sacrificing quality and security.


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What Do We Deliver?

Maturity Assessments

Benchmark the DevSecOps maturity of individual delivery teams and provides a framework for teams to align with best practices.


QA Portal & end-to-end Test Automation

Support and development of a QA Portal for automation of environment scheduling, data generation and test automation pipeline.

DevSecOps Toolchain

Define and support technical toolsets as required for adoption of toolchain and consolidation of tooling.

Automated collection of industry standard performance metrics.

Ensure engineering best practices are followed and highlight areas of excellence and pain points to delivery teams.

Target Operating Model

Build and continuously update the DevSecOps Operating Model.

Pipeline Automation

Plan, implement and handover automated pipelines to your teams.

Capacitas were 'Highly Commended' at the 2022 European Software Testing Awards for our work in partnership with UKHSA.

Building and fully automating a performance testing capability to support the scaling of healthcare systems processing Covid-19 test results as part of Test and Trace and bringing these into the new UKHSA (UK Health Security Agency) to automate responses to future pandemics.

Capacitas scaled systems from a 300K limit to 6M Covid-19 tests per day enabling the rollout of nationwide LFD testing and cut test cycle times from 2 weeks to 2 hours, also saving £2M on environments. We automated real-time data generation at high volumes, end to end testing and analysis, including machine learning to automatically create defect tickets.

We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately. Book your free cloud diagnostic today.