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Risk modelling

08th March 2017 by 
Thomas Barns

I’d like to start by making it clear this is not another blog having a go at AWS for their recent outage. So many public cloud detractors rushed to the internet to rejoice in the news that a part of AWS had gone...

23rd June 2016 by 
Frank Warren

Capacitas working in partnership with a world class academic institution

For several years now Capacitas has been trusted by one of the world’s most prestigious universities to provide performance assurance...

10th June 2016 by 
Nick Stevens

What happened after the crash, during the extended registration period?


(Source: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote)
27th April 2016 by 
Prasham Garg

Testing at the end is a common approach

Most companies follow the approach of performance testing at the end based on the assumption that nothing can be tested before the code is completely written. It is assumed...