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Be Cloud Confident

Scalable, cost-efficient and stable systems, with high-performing teams

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"Capacitas have a uniquely analytical approach to modelling the cloud. Their thoughtful and actionable insights unlock spend and performance-based interventions."

Mark Gillett (Former) SVP Microsoft and COO at Skype


“Capacitas have helped us to de-risk major technology transformation programmes and ensure our spend in IT capacity is optimised.”

Adrian BallHead of Commercial Systems, easyJet


“Online revenue grew by 93% in 2 years. Capacitas are a key partner who help us to deliver this growth trajectory by mitigating the risk to service performance and availability.”

Colin ReesCIO Domino's Pizza Group


“Capacitas accelerated our prepare for peak programme by quickly identifying systems risks. They applied their frameworks to ensure our performance NFRs were valid and our performance monitoring was at the right level for peak trade.”

Niraj NagraniSVP Ancestry

Capacitas was formed in 2002 to provide peace of mind and prosperity for tech team leaders.

Our unparalleled understanding of Cloud architecture, infrastructure and applications means you

  • Improve customer experience, no matter the demand.
  • Pay for the capacity you need, no more no less.
  • Scale effortlessly to meet even the most aggressive growth targets.


Two out of three ain't is bad

Others fix costs, scalability or performance. Only we do all three.

  • Companies often improve one at the expense of another. Only we raise the bar of all three at the same time.
  • Anyone can increase capacity. By discovering and ironing out bugs we deliver performance and scalability at a lower cost.

JD Sports

x2.5 increase in Black Friday revenue with no additional capacity costs.


70% reduction in Cloud spend with no impact on performance.


Scaled from 40m-90m subscribers while reducing Cloud spend by $26m pa.


90% cloud cost reduction and simultaneously improving customer experience

Your people. Our purpose

We don’t just improve your systems, we develop your team.

  • By involving your people at every step we ensure they do more than pick up new skills. We change their mindset.
  • We leave your team with what it takes to scale with confidence, improve performance and reduce costs in tandem.
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    "Virgin Active re-platformed its website, used by 1.4 million members across 262 clubs. Capacitas identified 9 critical performance risks, enabling us to take early remedial action. Capacitas eliminate performance risk early, delivering clear benefits."

    Andy Caddy

    CIO, Virgin Active

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    “As a trusted partner, Capacitas gave us the confidence that we would not see any performance issues and this turned out to be the case.”

    Brent Shaw

    Vice President IT Delivery, RS Components

  • AdobeStock_57613988.jpeg

    “The stability of the website is critical to the success of our business. Capacitas provide enormous benefit by providing visibility of risk, enabling us to grow online revenue by 39% P.A.”

    Colin Rees

    CIO, Domino's Pizza

Over 20 years we’ve developed and refined a unique 4 step process to developing Cloud Confidence.

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Each phase is informed by the individual needs of the business. Together, we’ll –

  • Identify and fix immediate problems.
  • Create a blueprint to boost scalability and performance while keeping costs down.
  • Work with internal teams to implement the plan and validate the outcomes.
  • Ongoing support to ensure gains aren’t reversed

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Is there a cloud hanging over you?

We’re here to put your mind at ease. We’ve spent two decades helping increase the profitability of cloud-enabled businesses. Start your journey with us today.

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