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Cloud Excellence —Enabling Business Scalability

We’re Capacitas – for two decades we have helped global organisations with complex digital footprints to increase revenue, control cloud cost and eliminate service instability.

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"Capacitas have a uniquely analytical approach to modelling the cloud. Their thoughtful and actionable insights unlock spend and performance-based interventions."

Mark Gillett (Former) SVP Microsoft and COO at Skype


"We re-worked our platform based on this new modelling of demand, but we would never have been able to do this in such a targeted way without Capacitas."

Jamie Ovenden Digital IT Director, Arcadia


“Capacitas have helped us to de-risk major technology transformation programmes and ensure our spend in IT capacity is optimised.”

Adrian BallHead of Commercial Systems, easyJet

Cloud Excellence

[Video] Cloud Cost Optimisation

Whether you’re looking to optimise costs, improve agility or drive value creation, our Cloud Excellence framework can help. We’ve worked with leading global brands like Skype, Ancestry and easyJet to derive actionable insights, optimise their digital platforms, and massively scale out their businesses.

A Proven Framework for Unlocking Value

Cloud Excellence is our expert-led framework that uses actionable insights to unlock spend and performance-based interventions in the Cloud. And it ensures the strategic value of delivering technical excellence is understood, current and future cost profiles are predictable and world class performance is delivered at scale. 

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    "Virgin Active re-platformed its website, used by 1.4 million members across 262 clubs. Capacitas identified 9 critical performance risks, enabling us to take early remedial action. Capacitas eliminate performance risk early, delivering clear benefits."

    Andy Caddy

    CIO, Virgin Active

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    “As a trusted partner, Capacitas gave us the confidence that we would not see any performance issues and this turned out to be the case.”

    Brent Shaw

    Vice President IT Delivery, RS Components

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    “The stability of the website is critical to the success of our business. Capacitas provide enormous benefit by providing visibility of risk, enabling us to grow online revenue by 39% P.A.”

    Colin Rees

    CIO, Domino's Pizza

How Cloud Excellence Delivers 4x Savings

Most teams implement cost optimisation using the FinOps model. But in our experience these will only achieve 20% of the potential savings. We use advanced optimisation techniques that go way beyond FinOps approaches such as right-sizing, negotiation, savings-plans and cost management tools to deliver the 80% of savings left on the table.

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Capacity and Performance Management Primer

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