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Cloud Capacity Management

Prepare your business for growth whilst slashing costly service incidents and eliminating redundant capacity costs.

Keeping your cloud platforms scalable, stable and efficient requires a disciplined approach to capacity management. The cloud provides infinite capacity, but it is critical that your technology platforms can scale efficiently to leverage its capabilities. Our Cloud Capacity Planning and Management Services provide a deeper understanding of demand and capacity to help ensure your cloud supports your business through both peaks and troughs – whilst ensuring optimal costs and performance.


Cloud Capacity Management is the process we use to:

  • Help reduce excess capacity so your business does not overconsume

  • Prepare your business for growth

  • Slash costly service incidents

Cloud Capacity Management gives developers, IT teams, and DevOps Engineers the insight they need to ensure that their workloads have the required resources. It lessens the risk that workloads will become overprovisioned in ways that waste money and add unnecessary management overhead.


Results we have delivered to our clients

  • $36m OPEX saving through safe capacity reduction and incident prevention.

  • 76% increase in the order capacity of an e-commerce platform, without incurring additional capacity spend.

  • 97% reduction in service-impacting incidents.

  • Avoidance of 24 critical incidents, resulting in a $10m saving in one year.

We impact your bottom line. Directly, significantly, and immediately. Book your free cloud diagnostic today.

Customer Pain Points

  • Unsure if technology can scale with business growth
  • Service outages resulting from non-scalable technology 
  • Unsure if you can handle future peaks
  • Significant planned step changes in demand from mergers & acquisitions 

What we do

  • Building forecasts of business demand
  • Translation of business demand to technical demand
  • Modelling of systems capacity
  • Scenario planning
  • Plans that describe the investment needed in technology - when and where


  • Major reductions in service-impacting incidents.
  • Greater certainty in planned budgets 
  • Confidence in strategic investment decisions
  • Reduce cloud costs while optimising tech scalability
  • Reduced technology risk associated with major changes

Our Approach

Free Diagnostic – Identify any risks to scalability and identify opportunities to improve scalability. This is data driven and we will use your production demand cost and capacity and performance data.

Discovery – Recommendations to address any scalability risks, opportunities to improve scalability and reduce cost. We then build an implementation plan to deliver all of the above.

Realise – We work with your team to deliver the implementation plan.

Transform - At this stage we help you build an enduring capacity management capability within your teams in order to deliver an on-going engineering practice.

Support - Maintain capabilities in your teams ensuring they function smoothly no matter what demands are thrown at them. 

Does your business:

Wish to proactively pinpoint and eliminate potential service-impacting incidents?

Encounter exceptional peaks in user activity or traffic?

Expect high levels of growth or periods of significant business transformation?       

Recognise wasted capacity within your organisation?

Wish to know when and where to invest in technology?


Capacity Planning & Management with Capacitas

We combine our proprietary methodology with Operational Analytics software to leverage data from your monitoring and perform exhaustive risk identification – helping you prevent and remove risk across your infrastructure.

Our experts work with you to reduce excess capacity and avoid large unexpected bills when scaling for peak, while delivering the performance your business expects.

How Your Business Will Benefit from Engaging with Team Capacitas

Capacity Planning and Management from Capacitas delivers highly accurate forecasting to ensure your infrastructure can support growing demands without any impact on end-user performance.

We deliver benefits in four areas:

  • Improved service quality
  • Reduced cloud and hosting costs
  • Increased technology scalability
  • Reduced technology risk

Business Demand Forecasting

Accurately predicting seasonal patterns in demand and significant changes to demand patterns like promotional activities.

Modelling of IT Capacity

Identifying under-utilised hardware, predicting performance risks before they trigger, and locating "needle in a haystack" issues.

Technical Demand Forecasting

Translating business demand into the technical demand that will be placed on your infrastructure.

Scenario Planning

Modelling the capacity needed for different business demand and disruption scenarios.

Operational Analytics

Identifying capacity and performance anti-patterns to prevent incidents.

Capacity Planning

Finding the technology scalability limits and what proactive measures are need address them. What level of investment is required and when?


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