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Cloud Capacity Management

Accurately predict and provision cloud infrastructure to avoid spiralling costs and wasted capacity

Our Cloud Capacity Management service increases your ability to forecast and control a resource for which usage has a very real link to financial cost.

Does Your Business:

  • Suspect you may be spending more than necessary on underutilised cloud infrastructure? 
  • Struggle to accurately forecast cloud OPEX for current and future budget-cycles?
  • Lack clarity on provisioning the right cloud infrastructure at the right cost when expecting significant migration or growth? 
  • Experience peaks in usage that mean you overspend due to sub-optimal cloud auto-scaling?
Cloud Capacity Management

Cloud Capacity Management with Capacitas

We combine our proprietary methodology to predict cloud capacity and utilisation, with Operational Analytics software used to prevent production incidents.

We then use our predictions to help you implement measures to avoid large unexpected bills from sub-optimal auto-scaling during peak and overpaying for underutilised capacity during periods of low usage.

Risk Modelling

Understanding current and future risks to cloud spending

Operational Analytics

Identifying under-utilised capacity and performance anti-patterns to prevent incidents

Business Demand Forecasting

Accurately predicting seasonal patterns in demand and significant changes to demand patterns like promotional activities

Scenario Planning

Modelling the cloud capacity needed for different business demand scenarios

Modelling Cloud Capacity

Translating business demand into cloud capacity requirement

Capacity Plan

Communicating risks to cloud spending, proactive measures to mitigate them and the investment required

Cloud Capacity Management Benefits

How You’ll Benefit

Cloud Capacity Management from Capacitas ensures your cloud infrastructure can support growing demands whilst delivering optimal savings and end-user performance. We deliver benefits in four areas:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced business risk
  • Improved service quality
  • Greater accuracy of budget plans

Results we’ve Delivered to our Clients

  • $26m saving in cloud spend out of a $101m annual OPEX budget.
  • A 66% reduction in cloud cost, through optimisation of auto scaling.
  • 400% increase in an online retailer's order capacity, without incurring additional cloud spend
  • 97% reduction in the number of performance risks for a global telecoms provider
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    “Working to a demanding deadline, Capacitas was able to provide us with a model that has proved invaluable for our operational planning and financial forecasting.”

    David McAdam


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    “The stability of the website is critical to the success of our business. Capacitas provide enormous benefit by providing visibility of risk, enabling us to grow online revenue by 39% p.a.”

    Colin Rees

    CIO, Dominos Pizza

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    "Capacitas have a uniquely analytical approach to modelling both cloud and Capex based infrastructure provision. Their thoughtful and actionable insights unlock both spend and performance based interventions supporting both architects and DevOps teams in optimization and forward planning for global scale services."

    Mark Gillett

    (Former) SVP Microsoft and COO at Skype

Metapack Webinar

How MetaPack Gained Control of Their Cloud Costs

In this live webinar we will outline how MetaPack built a framework for capturing and understanding all the costs involved in delivering their SaaS solution. 

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