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Our Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to Cloud Confidence. Our engagements are flexible and modular to meet your unique needs.

That said, the work we do follows a pattern and methodology that we’ve honed over two decades. We have a four-step process that works in two parts:

Short term Wins and Long Term Gains.

Let’s dig into each part in turn, so you can get a taste for how we would work together.

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Performance Audit

Whether your aim is to scale for major change, reduce costs, improve stability or prepare for peak usage, there will be obstacles in the way of success. Our job here is to identify those risks and create workstreams to mitigate or overcome them. 

Enacting positive change requires effort, resources and investment. It can be disruptive in the short term. You need to be sure you have every chance of success before setting out on this journey. Our proven audit techniques and processes offer that reassurance and identify quick wins that teams can act on.


Data Analysis

Using our 7 pillars of performance methodology we see how your systems are constructed and how they behave. We identify and record risks to the project objective based on our unique ROF methodology.



Next, we work with your teams to see how they and the various technology stacks function, cross-checking our observations against the data analysis. We’ll record more risks – for example around performance or visibility – and create a risk register with priority levels and potential corrective actions.



The final step is to triage risks and group them into a manageable number of workstreams. These will be woven into a high-level plan that we’ll present to the project sponsor and the teams involved in the delivery.

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Having understood the risks, and created workstreams to overcome or mitigate them, now we start delivering on the overall project objective. This might be to reduce cost, improve stability and performance, prepare for rapid scale – or a combination of all of some or all of these.

Aside from delivering the project outcomes, we also pride ourselves on our ability to develop your team’s skills, capabilities and mindset. By exposing them to our methods we give them the confidence to manage cost, performance and scalability in a holistic way into the future.


Reduce Cost

First, we’ll identify over-supply and software inefficiencies then develop an optimization plan, having assessed the risks against benefits. We’ll prove the optimisations either in a safe way in production or in a test environment before going live and validating its performance. Finally, we’ll work with the team to remove any technical, product or business constraints.


Increasing Scale

First comes a deep dive into the data. We’ll use your data from production systems and from our software, load testing results and use modelling techniques to identify the risks as you scale up. Next, we’ll work with your teams to triage the risks and agree to a mitigation plan.

Finally, we’ll measure progress by measuring the business capacity of the end-to-end system, by finding the limits of the system – for example, concurrent users, orders per second, etc.


Improve Performance and Stability

Here we use a similar method to increasing scale. We analyse the data from our own software tools and use modelling to identify the risks in different scenarios. Again, we’ll triage the risks and come up with a plan. And we’ll measure the business performance of the platform, this time by measuring the number of incidents, incident minutes or other relevant metrics.

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This is about preparing for the long term. You’ve seen what we can do, let’s get to a point where you can do it yourself by providing the team with a blueprint for lasting success.

Cost-effective, scalable systems that will give you complete confidence in your ability to respond to the marketplace. High-performing teams who routinely implement best-practice approaches to balance scale, service quality and cost.


Discovery and Documentation

We’ll find out if anything has changed since our intervention and fill in any gaps in knowledge. We’ll then work with you to set the success criteria and agree expectations for what will be delivered.

We will then detail a series of templates, processes and techniques relating to tooling, data, environments, reporting and roles and responsibilities.

We will help you define how to manage the data for your tests, get the right people in the right place, choose the tooling most convenient to them and set up the environments.



Next, we work with your teams to build their capabilities and implement the methodologies outlined in the previous stage.

We act as mentors and guides to ensure they acquire the mindset necessary to maintain the right balance between cost and performance as you scale.



As roadmap milestones arrive, we’ll review each deliverable against the success criteria that was agreed at the start of this stage.

Finally, we assess the teams are performing against our best practice guidelines and report back to them and senior managers.

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Ongoing Support & Advice

The team has been transformed and you’re finding the right balance between performance and cost as you scale.

But the marketplace is constantly evolving. Can you be confident your cloud operations are fit for purpose as customers change and competitors up their game?

Continue to get full value from your long-term investment in cloud transformation by guarding against a drop in standards.


Quarterly Audit

Using our 7 Pillars of Performance Methodology we identify and record risks to your cloud operations objectives based on our unique ROF methodology. As well as assessing your systems for risk, we will also see how your teams are operating against our key benchmarks.


Risk Management Plan

We’ll perform a complete analysis of your current risks, benchmark you against industry peers and provide insights on how to manage and mitigate those risks based on our extensive knowledge and experience with other clients.


On-Demand Support

Whenever, wherever you need it, we can plug gaps in skills, experience or implementation support.

Your teams will inevitably experience peaks and troughs in their workload. When things get busy, we’re on hand to step in

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