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09th January 2024 by 
Rym Lebboukh

Either using blood tests, medical imaging, questionnaires, or simply patients describing their symptoms, doctors initially conduct a diagnostic to identify potential health issues. Similarly, in the business world...

08th January 2024 by 
Ram Sharma

When it comes to reducing costs on AWS, everyone focuses on EC2, EBS and S3 because they are some of the most commonly used services in AWS infrastructure. While these services are usually the outliers for rising...

04th January 2024 by 
Team Capacitas

Can enterprises become environmentally sustainable (GreenOps) whilst also being economically sustainable (FinOps)? And does one necessarily beget the other?

21st December 2023 by 
Team Capacitas

With 94% of enterprises using Cloud services in one way or another, and an increase of 22% in Public Cloud services sales from 2021 to an estimated $480 billion in 2022, Cloud computing remains one of the most...

07th December 2023 by 
Catherine Brown

Automation has become an essential aspect of software development, helping teams speed up testing, reduce errors, and increase productivity. With the rise of new automation tools and frameworks, choosing the right...