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Software performance engineering

01st August 2019 by 
David Boxall


AIMS (Airline Information Management System) is a business-critical aviation software package, which has reinforced the backbone of more than 150 airlines since 1983 [1]. For a fast-growing airline, the ability...
18th November 2016 by 
Nick Stevens

Hardly a week passes without another major online brand suffering from cyber-attacks of one form or another, with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks becoming more and more common. These attacks involve...

03rd November 2016 by 
Trilesh Bhurtun

More and more organisations who have applications/websites with a large user base are running load tests against their production systems, while others prefer to test in their test environments to avoid any...

27th April 2016 by 
Prasham Garg

Testing at the end is a common approach

Most companies follow the approach of performance testing at the end based on the assumption that nothing can be tested before the code is completely written. It is assumed...