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Fix performance issues

13th September 2017 by 
Vasilis Chatzinasios

Website speed has a major impact on everything from search engine rankings and user experience to revenue and conversion rate. When it comes to page load time, there are many online tools and KPIs that try to...

29th June 2017 by 
Nick Stevens

 Introduction: Threshold alerting has limited value

Threshold alerts are by far the most common way of detecting operational issues. Your page load times are high, your disks are filling up, your CPU’s are...

16th June 2017 by 
Nick Stevens



Here at Capacitas we are extremely interested in how performance affects the bottom line of our clients. After all, if tuning your services does not deliver for your customers, why do it?


18th November 2016 by 
Nick Stevens

Hardly a week passes without another major online brand suffering from cyber-attacks of one form or another, with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks becoming more and more common. These attacks involve...

10th May 2016 by 
Andy Bolton

Today City A.M. reports that year-on-year online sales were up by 6.6% in April 2016, according to the British Retail Consortium and KPMG monthly sales monitor. While this could be seen as positive, when annual...