Like any business, we expect to be judged on our results.

That’s why we pride ourselves on reproducing impressive results and stellar return-on-investment across a portfolio of clients that trusts us to protect over £6.3bn of yearly ecommerce revenue.

Our unique approach to capacity and performance management enables us to deliver substantial reductions in IT risk and costs - including an incredible saving of £23m a year for one customer.

Case Study: Capacitas Helps easyJet to Prepare Major Systems For Peak

  • Prepare for Peak
  • Transportation

Capacitas has been working with easyJet since 2004, scaling key systems to deliver extraordinary business growth and successfully navigating peak sales periods.

Case Study: Helping Electrocomponents Deliver a Complex Data Centre Migration

  • Continuous Performance
  • Retail

Capacitas delivered a 27% reduction in webpage load time for Electrocomponents by successfully migrating their legacy data centres.

Case Study: Domino's Pizza Eliminates Risk From New E-commerce System

  • Continuous Performance
  • Hospitality

Capacitas were able to help Domino's Pizza increase their online order capacity by 141%, leading to annual online revenue growing 39%.

Case Study: Reaching Peak for the University of Oxford

  • Prepare for Peak
  • Education

Discover how we helped University of Oxford process a flood of over 3,500 applications in a single day after it was recognised as the world’s #1 university.

Case Study: Capacitas Perform a Christmas Miracle to Help Photobox Handle its Peak

  • Prepare for Peak
  • E-Commerce

Photobox handled its peak with a Capacitas Christmas Miracle. Major seasonal peaks were a huge test for Photobox until we ensured seamless performance, even at a peak of processing 9M uploads.

Case Study: Shining A Light On Black Friday

  • Prepare for Peak
  • Retail

Capacitas used their proprietary test engine and unique methodology to ensure the Arcadia group could trade seamlessly on Black Friday.

Case Study: Capacitas Saves a Telecoms Provider $26m in Data Centre Costs

  • AWS Cost Optimisation
  • Telecoms

Capacitas built a demand-driven infrastructure model to accurately predict future infrastructure requirements.

Case Study: Capacitas Reduces Risks and Costs in Investment Banking

  • AWS Cost Optimisation
  • Financial Services

Discover how we implemented Capacity Management into a leading Investment Bank, reducing both costs and risk. 

Case Study: Capacitas Enables $36m of Savings at an International Oil Company

  • AWS Cost Optimisation
  • Energy

Capacitas saves an International Oil Company $36m without impacting critical trading or compliance systems.

Case Study: How Performance Testing and bottleneck analysis improved response times

  • Prepare for Peak
  • Retail

Learn how Capacitas helped a UK retailer fix their stock management system, using performance tests to dramatically reduce transaction execution time.