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Jason Cross

Jason Cross

Jason has over 10 years experience working in the Capacity & Performance Management field. Prior to Capacitas, Jason worked for Sainsbury's where he helped support a circa £2m annual capacity plan and lead capacity planning and performance management on a number of key, high profile programs including the re-platform of their e-Commerce system that now supports annual sales of £1bn and their very performant EFT system. Jason's passion for performance has enabled him to play key roles in resolving a number of P1 incidents and gain vital skills in performance tuning on database and Java platforms. At Capacitas Jason is engaged on a number of projects including the performance testing of a new e-Commerce payment system. His professional qualifications include ITIL Foundation Certificate in Service Management (V2) and the Capacity Management Practitioner's Certificate. 

Recent Posts

06th August 2021 by 
Jason Cross

Authors: Jason Cross & Dr. Manzoor Mohammed

Business and technology are constantly evolving. The business is adding new features, user behaviour is constantly changing, and technology performance is...

18th May 2021 by 
Jason Cross

Estimated read time: 4 Minutes

Author: Jason Cross

It was Grady Booch who famously said "A fool with a tool is still a fool." So when I stumbled across this quote, it reminded me of the early part of my career.

04th October 2017 by 
Jason Cross

Auto Scaling is a great tool for optimising your AWS cloud costs. Here are three steps to using it effectively: