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Frank Warren

Frank Warren

Frank is a highly experienced Capacity Management and Performance Assurance practitioner who has delivered services to companies across many sectors, including Royal Bank of Scotland, National Westminster Bank, J Sainsburys PLC, London Electricity PLC, and Data Networks PLC. A strong advocate of best practice, he has successfully implemented Performance Assurance processes at RBS, and established new practice and capability including the integral adoption of specialist application performance management tools. He built an enterprise capacity plan at National Westminster Bank for a £300M programme of work, and more recently developed infrastructure consolidation plans at RBS. Frank's key strengths include his knowledge of core infrastructure technologies and architectures, the ability to analyse existing IT infrastructure and drive through cost effective change. His professional qualifications include the ITIL Foundation Certificate in Service Management (V3). 

Recent Posts

12th February 2019 by 
Frank Warren

Kubernetes hosting costs are spiralling unnecessarily!

In practice Kubernetes capacity is rarely limited by hardware. In fact, our observation tends to indicate that configuration of Kubernetes namespaces are...

14th December 2017 by 
Frank Warren

The blog considers a series of range helpful .NET performance metrics that can be used for identifying and diagnosing poor application performance. 

10th August 2017 by 
Frank Warren

Many of us are aware of mistakes that are made in choices and actions that are taken in the domain of performance testing. Examples of this are easy to come by. Compromises are very often made on the quality and...

04th August 2017 by 
Frank Warren

Boiling the Ocean - exposing data centre migration risks with risk modelling


In 2016 a global retail company embarked on a massive datacentre migration programme. A total of 138 applications were in...

23rd June 2016 by 
Frank Warren

Capacitas working in partnership with a world class academic institution

For several years now Capacitas has been trusted by one of the world’s most prestigious universities to provide performance assurance...