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Are you the Bolt of eCommerce?

It is easy to comprehend rewarding the fastest and most accurate during the Olympic Games, one of the most prestigious sporting events around the globe. What one might not understand though is that online shopping businesses play by the same ‘unwritten’ rules.

As recently reported by BBC, page load times and sales are directly correlated with a 10% drop in sales experienced after a 0.5s difference in load time. This is very similar to the results found in a  study carried out at Capacitas, which identified that online stores could gain an additional £20million in revenue per year by simply speeding their sites up by 1 second.

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IT Performance

Although this is a fact that many retailers are aware of, load times are observed to increase as time goes by. For instance, average response times within the US have increased by 0.5s over the last year alone.

And if your business is online, your customers are only ever one click away from your competitors.

Improving customer experience does not stop with adding items and services to your platform. This has to be done with performance in mind, by making sure the risks are mitigated from an early stage in the development.

We at Capacitas have been working with a number of clients to help them deliver facilities that make their sites more interactive and deliver a personalised experience whilst improving performance. Risk mitigation plans help big online retailers innovate in a safe manner, as was the case with one of our aviation clients.

As our research and experience show, designing the right performance model for your business is essential. Performance Engineering is one way of diagnosing what is happening and identify issues along the development phases. Such an approach however needs to be conducted in the right way in order to get the most value out of it.

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Webinar easyJet reduce risk through capacity management