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Prepare for Peak

Peak trading periods put unprecedented pressure on eCommerce business systems, but there is no worse time for your sites or apps to go down.

Our Prepare for Peak solution ensures you can meet the demand head-on for maximum profit and optimum user experience.

The Challenge

Sales peaks and product launches should be the most exciting and rewarding times for online businesses, with IT seamlessly supporting planned and unplanned peaks in demand. But all too often, what should be a business high becomes a headache, thanks to crashes, site outages, load-times reduced to a crawl, and dissatisfied customers.

Significant peaks can mean over 10x higher traffic volumes than normal trading

As more downloads and traffic flow through your site, your ability to meet peak demand is jeopardised

Failing to manage peak demand causes serious revenue and reputation damage

Diverting staff to manage peak demand can incur significant costs

How We Help

Our Prepare for Peak solution ensures your systems are fighting fit to see you smoothly through your times of peak demand – whether planned or unexpected.

Our consultancy expertise means we can work in partnership with you to find the right solution for your organisation, ensuring that it's not only the most effective, but the most cost-efficient too.

We’ll help you keep your staff where they’re needed, while we take on the capacity burden. And we’ll never fix your issue by just “throwing extra servers at it”.

Our unique solution brings together:

  • Capacity Management
  • Cloud Capacity Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Agile Performance Testing
  • Performance Engineering

Our Approach

Comprehensive Identification of Risks

Identification of

Risk Modelling:

Identify the risks to achieving peak trade


Risk Mitigation:

Targeted actions to deliver results


Drive Out Risk:

Prepare for Peak Solution


Deliver Cost:

Deliver cost – effective business change

Enable Business


Plan for current and future demand

Deliver Successful Peak


Peak Demand:

Peak demand can be serviced with optimal investment

The Results

Not only do we help our customers keep their systems in good health at their most testing times, our Prepare for Peak solutions typically deliver a 5:1 ROI by cutting risks, avoiding revenue loss and increasing order capacity - all without incurring unnecessary additional capacity spend.

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    “We have partnered with Capacitas since 2004. Over this period, together we have scaled key commercial and operations systems to deliver extraordinary business growth and successfully navigated our peak sales periods”

    Craig Donald

    Head of Operations Systems, easyJet

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    “I believe it is essential to have an independent company doing platform performance testing, and Capacitas have proven to be a very good partner to work with.”

    Jamie Ovenden

    Digital IT Director, Arcadia Group

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    “Capacitas accelerated our prepare for peak programme by quickly identifying systems risks. They applied their frameworks to ensure our performance NFRs were valid and our performance monitoring was at the right level for peak trade.”

    Niraj Nagrani

    SVP Ancestry


Prepare for Peak

In this guide, we share a comprehensive look at how we tackle capacity planning and performance management to ensure that systems cope during peak trading periods.

Download the ebook