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Infographic: Why Black Friday 2020 Will Be Different

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, customers experienced a shift in their behaviour, critically changing the digital market and e-commerce for the future.

In this infographic you will find out the answers to the following questions:

  • What caused the changes?

  • How will these changes affect future peaks?

  • How can you prepare for this level of uncertainty?


Covid-19 lockdowns have accelerated digital adoption and businesses must embrace digital transformation to keep up and be prepared for the future peaks.


Infograophic preview


Volumes will continue to increase

The shift caused an uplift in website volumes, with new consumers adopting digital shopping. In previous years, Black Friday volumes were easy to predict based on past data, however, volumes across many retailers have been higher during lockdown.

Some retailers reported daily volumes surging to previous Black Friday numbers as a new normal, making this year's forecast more challenging.


Consumer behaviours will continue to change

There are lots of new customers in the digital space this year and it will be their first time buying online during Black Friday. They will be less tolerant of slowdowns, especially if they have older and slower devices. Old customers are adopting new behaviours that are likely to continue after the Covid-19 shutdowns.

You will need the right methodology and data from a wide range of sources to uncover and cluster anomalous user behaviours.


You can prepare now for the uncertainty leading to Black Friday

Act now.

Take advantage of Black Friday and increase returns with our help and without the headaches and sleepless nights. Even though you cannot predict the exact peak volumes during Black Friday this year, you can measure what your platform can handle and work to increase it.

Click here to view the infographic. For more information on how you can prepare for this year's Black Friday.