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Ease the pain of today's biggest capacity and performance management obstacles using one of our tried and tested solutions.

Proven and Repeatable Results
for Your Unique IT Challenges

The modern business landscape is perpetually shifting to meet the fast-paced evolution of enterprise technology and constantly throwing up new challenges your organisation needs to meet to stay competitive.

At Capacitas, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions flexible enough to meet your business’s unique needs, while confidently reproducing impressive results and a stellar return-on-investment.

Performance Management Solutions

Prepare for Peak

Busy trading periods are an exciting time for any organisation but they can also be cause for concern, with the extra pressure on your IT systems potentially having catastrophic effects on your website or apps - at a time when user-experience is most important.

Our Prepare for Peak solution ensure you meet both forecasted and unexpected peaks with optimal user-experience.

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AWS Cost Optimisation

Cloud computing empowers organisations to better meet customer expectations, but costs can skyrocket without proper capacity management and software optimisation.

Our AWS Cost Optimisation solution ensures you receive all the benefits of operating in the cloud without spiralling costs.

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Continuous Performance

Users now expect releases and updates to go-live in almost real-time. As a result, organisations are adopting Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration software delivery methods but adjusting to this rate of business change often leads to an increase in service-impacting incidents.

Our Continuous Performance solution safeguards your revenue and reputation by catching issues before they enter production.

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Performance Management Solutions Benefits

Overcome Your Capacity and Performance Management Challenges

Do you suffer from unexplained periods of poor IT performance or unexpected spikes in costs? Talk to us and find out more about the impressive results and expected ROI delivered by our solutions.

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