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Continuous Performance

Businesses need to increase the speed of software delivery and react quickly to market changes. Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration software delivery methods are adopted to achieve this goal.

Our Continuous Performance solution integrates and automates testing throughout the entire development lifecycle. So, no matter how fast your rate of business change, you can safeguard your revenue and reputation by catching issues before they enter production.

The Challenge

Every change made to your code has the potential to cause service outages that negatively impact your revenue, reputation and bottom-line. Traditionally, the solution has always been to performance test products manually before release.

Now, businesses are expected to deliver change faster in order to achieve competitive advantage, and traditional testing simply can’t keep up.

The more changes made to code, the higher the risk to system performance

Traditional testing is unable to keep up with speed of delivery

Problematic code released live can remain dormant until next peak

Fixing issues in live is significantly more costly and time-consuming than fixing early in the lifecycle

How We Help

Our Continuous Performance solution enables you to increase your rate of business change and speed of delivery, without increasing the risk to performance.

Our methodology is founded on identifying risks as early as possible and introducing automated testing technology to drive out these risks. By performing optimised testing throughout the change lifecycle, not only at the end, rate of change is maximised while risk is minimised.

Our unique solution brings together:

  • Application Performance Management
  • Agile Performance Testing
  • Performance Engineering
  • Continuous Integration

Our Approach

Identify Risks of Change

Identify Risks
of Change

Risk Modelling:

Understand the impact during the change lifecycle

Planning Performance
Engineering Activities

Risk Mitigation:

Specific actions based on risks identified

Performance Risk

Drive Out Risk:

Prior to and during release 

Performance Risks

Tracked and Quantified:

Risks are tracked and quantified in production to ensure the impact is understood

Deliver Requirements Without Risk

Deliver Requirements Without Risk

Performance Risk:

Deliver the requirements of the business without introducing performance risk

The Results

Our Continuous Performance solutions typically deliver a ROI of 14:1 and are developed to dramatically reduce testing times, substantially increase risk coverage and nullify the threat of costly service outages.

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    “Capacitas have a proven systematic approach to performance and capacity management.”

    Nigel Emm

    IT Services Head, University of Oxford

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    “Capacitas provided excellent advice and expertise in the very specialised area of capacity and performance management, helping us build on the skills of a recently formed team. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Capacitas again.”

    Sarah Jordan

    Principle Team Manager - Technical Department, Royal London Group

Agile Performance: How to move fast and not break things

Agile Performance: How to
Move Fast and Not Break Things

This whitepaper covers the core principles and best practice approaches for ensuring good performance whilst increasing the velocity of delivery.

Download the ebook