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AWS Cost Optimisation

We can rapidly and sustainably reduce your AWS spend. Our solution focuses on:

  • Rightsizing environments
  • Software efficiency engineering
  • Improving system architecture

With a current client we identified $11m of savings, and implemented $4m of those within the first year.

We are now working with them to identify additional software efficiency savings of $9m and implement a further $7m within the next 12 months.

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What Problems Are We Solving?

There are many powerful cost-optimisation tools in the market (AWS Trusted Advisor, Cloudability, Cloudcheckr, Rightscale, etc), which most organisations with a significant AWS spend have invested in and receive regular, detailed reports from.

These tools provide guidance on:

  • Cost analysis
  • Reserved Instances and Spot Instances
  • Shutdown-restart time-based automation

However, in our experience these areas constitute just 30% of the total possible optimisation opportunity. The remaining 70% can be achieved through rightsizing and by engineering efficiency into software.

Read more about AWS Cost Optimisation.

Identify Over-Supply and Software Inefficiency

Assess Risk & Cost of Optimisation

Optimisation Plan

Implement Optimisation in Live

How Do We Do It?

Our unique infrastructure modelling and data analytics solutions have enabled us to save $100+m’s of cloud and data centre costs for our clients.

We will uncover all of the optimisation opportunities in your AWS platform, then structure and guide a roadmap of optimisation implementations into production that delivers the greatest and fastest ROI - with no risk to live service.

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We’ve been around for over 17 years and haven’t encountered a single enterprise cloud platform or datacentre where we haven’t been able to identify (often significant) optimisations.

Our “no savings - no fee” commercial model provides a risk-free way for you to engage.

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    "Capacitas have a uniquely analytical approach to modelling both cloud and Capex based infrastructure provision. Their thoughtful and actionable insights unlock both spend and performance based interventions supporting both architects and DevOps teams in optimization and forward planning for global scale services."

    Mark Gillett

    (Former) SVP Microsoft and COO at Skype

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    “Within 2 months, a significant amount of AWS cost reduction has been delivered in live. Working together with Capacitas we have made our services more stable and are well positioned to deliver further cost optimisation.”

    Niraj Nagrani

    SVP Products and Platforms, Ancestry




AWS Costing MoreThan You Anticipated?

Start bringing your cloud costs under control with our guide to AWS cost optimisation. 

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