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Domino's Pizza - Eliminate risk from new E-commerce system to allow 39% growth in revenue

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“The stability of the website is critical to the success of our business. Capacitas provide enormous benefit by providing visibility of risk, enabling us to grow online revenue by 39% P.A.”

Colin Rees, CIO Domino's Pizza


Domino's Pizza has over 800 outlets across the UK. Their on-line system is critical for generating revenue in the stores and is responsible for 66% of orders. For three years Capacitas has safeguarded the performance of the on-line platform, enabling 39% growth in annual revenue.

Capacitas constantly monitors the technical performance of the on-line platform to identify the potential risks of the web-site crashing or being unable to handle the order volume. This monitoring extends to cover not just current volumes but forecast future demand as well.

The Challenge

Capacitas assessed the company’s online platform following a major website redesign. Consequently, we discovered that the redesign had inadvertently reduced the number of orders that the website could accommodated at any one time.

Clearly, this represented a serious threat to company revenue and to mitigate this risk, Domino's Pizza could either procure expensive additional hardware, or find a way to optimise the new code and eliminate the problem at source. They chose to do the latter and asked Capacitas for our insight.


We were able to identify significant improvements such as serving content from a content delivery network and identifying which steps of the pizza order journey would benefit most from optimisation. Domino's Pizza implemented a series of changes, including improvements in content delivery, which resulted in an increase in order-handling capacity of 141% on the online platform.

Increase In Order Capacity Following Capacitas’ Intervention

CPT-CaseStudyPizza.jpgAs part of our engagement, we produce a forecast of order volumes using historical and seasonal trends. Taking into account the code optimisations delivered, we were able to model the hardware capacity needed to accommodate future order volumes. As a result we identified significant savings in hardware.


  • After our intervention, order capacity of the new  on-line platform increased by 141%.
  • Domino's Pizza were able to accommodate record breaking sales peaks on the new website.
  • Capacitas have identified significant savings in hardware through server consolidation over 4 years.
  • Capacitas’s capacity and performance management service has delivered a 7 times return on investment for Domino's Pizza.


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