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Global Telecoms Provider - Saving $26m in data centre costs while reducing risks by 97%

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A major telecoms provider had doubled the number of peak users from 20 million to 40 million and was launching a major product integration which would double increase demand significantly. The supporting infrastructure was large and complex with over 10,000 servers and 100 services spread over nine data centres.

The Challenge

The business was concerned with its infrastructure cost and the performance of the services.

Unable to accurately forecast its infrastructure requirements, the organisation had adopted a very cautious approach to server capacity to try to ensure continuity of its services. Consequently, it had massively overspent on its infrastructure.

In addition, the operations team were unable to monitor the 10,000 servers effectively, so they simply waited for users to complain before fixing.


Using our proprietary tools and methodologies, and our deep domain expertise, Capacitas was able to both reduce cost and improve performance.

Capacitas built a demand-driven infrastructure model to accurately predict future infrastructure requirements. The model identified how the number of servers could be safely reduced without compromising business services.

We used operational analytics to carry out weekly health checks on over 10,000 servers to identify risks before they became incidents and improve the overall control of the system.


  • An annual saving of $26m by safely reducing the number of servers.
  • Service quality improvement by reducing the number of risks by 97%, from over 200 to just a handful per week


IT Operational Expenditure                     Risks Per Week 

                CPT-Telecoms1.jpg                                          CPTTelecoms2.jpg


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