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13th March 2024 by 
Team Capacitas

We are proud to announce that we have been selected as a supplier by the DCC in the UK, a pivotal organisation for managing the secure communication network for smart meters.

27th October 2022 by 
Dr. Manzoor Mohammed

Teams are always looking to get better visibility of their systems. The first step on this journey is to invest in APM tools and/or build in-house monitoring tools to gather data. But we often find that despite...

23rd November 2021 by 
Danny Quilton

Author: Danny Quilton

Shifting Right is all about learning lessons from production that we cannot learn from testing. Here are four of those areas we can learn from:

  • We don’t know how user behaviour will change...
06th August 2021 by 
Jason Cross

Authors: Jason Cross & Dr. Manzoor Mohammed

Business and technology are constantly evolving. The business is adding new features, user behaviour is constantly changing, and technology performance is continually...

15th June 2021 by 
Dr. Manzoor Mohammed

Estimated read time: 3 Minutes

Author: Dr. Manzoor Mohammed

While it’s hard to deal with these global cloud outages since the issue is often outside of your control, it’s how you plan and react to these events...