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Thomas Ballard

Thomas Ballard

Thomas graduated with an MSc in Network Security from Anglia Ruskin University, previously graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. Prior to joining Capacitas, Thomas has been involved in various customer facing, performance testing and capacity management roles and currently manages the technical and commercial relationships for our strategic and new business accounts.

Recent Posts

26th January 2018 by 
Thomas Ballard


  • We recently delivered a project to independently performance assure the migration of 138 applications to new DC, this included some upgrades to OS and software versions
  • The key to delivering this was by...
27th December 2017 by 
Thomas Ballard

The blog considers performance testing in a traditional full size performance environment compared to a scaled down test environment.


  • There is a perception that scaled down test environments do not...
05th December 2017 by 
Thomas Ballard

With the increase in broadband speeds, millions of users browsing for information and competition stiffer than ever, it is of the utmost importance to have an optimised web page which is performing well in order...

10th November 2017 by 
Thomas Ballard

As part of our ongoing investment in industrial placement students and Graduates, Capacitas visited the careers fair at the University of Kent.

14th August 2017 by 
Thomas Ballard

What is Performance Testing? 

Performance testing is a way of verifying that your IT system can the meet its capacity and performance non-functional requirements (NFRs).