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Capacity Planning
& Management

Prepare your business for growth whilst slashing costly service incidents and eliminating redundant capacity costs.

Our Capacity Planning & Management services provide a deeper understanding of demand and capacity to help ensure your IT infrastructure supports your business through both peaks and troughs – whilst ensuring optimal costs and performance.

Does Your Business:

  • Wish to proactively identify and reduce potentially service impacting incidents?
  • Encounter exceptional peaks in user activity or traffic?
  • Incur long lead times when procuring additional capacity?
  • Expect high levels of growth or periods of significant business transformation?
  • Recognise wasted capacity within your organisation?
  • Wish to know when and where to invest in capacity?
IT Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning & Management with Capacitas

We combine our proprietary methodology with OA software to leverage your data from your monitoring and perform exhaustive risk identification – helping you prevent and remove risk across your infrastructure.

Our experts work with you to help reduce excess capacity and avoid large unexpected bills when auto-scaling for peak, while at the same time delivering the performance your business expects.

Business Demand Forecasting

Accurately predicting seasonal patterns in demand and significant changes to demand patterns like promotional activities

Modelling of IT Capacity

Identifying under-utilised hardware, predict performance risks before they trigger, and locate “needle in a haystack” issues

Technical Demand Forecasting

Translating business demand into the technical demand that will be placed on your infrastructure

Scenario Planning

Modelling the capacity needed for different business demand scenarios

Operational Analytics

Identifying capacity and performance anti-patterns to prevent incidents

Capacity Planning

Communicating service capacity risks, proactive measures to avoid them and the investment required

Capacity Management Benefits

How You’ll Benefit

Capacity Planning and Management from Capacitas delivers highly accurate forecasting to ensure your infrastructure can support growing demands without any impact on end-user performance. We deliver benefits in four areas:

  • Faster IT change
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced business risk
  • Improved service quality

Results we’ve Delivered to our Clients

  • $36m OPEX saving through safe capacity reduction and incident prevention.
  • 76% increase in the order capacity of an e-commerce platform, without incurring additional capacity spend.
  • 97% reduction in service-impacting incidents.
  • Avoidance of 24 critical incidents, resulting in a $10m saving in one year.
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    “We have partnered with Capacitas since 2004. Over this period, together we have scaled key commercial and operations systems to deliver extraordinary business growth and successfully navigated our peak sales periods”

    Craig Donald

    Head of Operations Systems, easyJet

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    “We required a fresh and innovative approach to identifying the capacity requirements of a critical customer facing, high value business service. Capacitas remained fully focused on achieving the required outcome ultimately exceeding customer expectation.”

    Graeme Chalkin

    Capacity Manager - IT Operations, T-Mobile

Capacity Management Primer

Capacity Management Primer

Download this primer to discover more about Capacity Management, including its benefits as well as the impact of insufficient capacity or unacceptable performance.

Download Primer