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Digital Transformation

Harness the latest in automation and machine learning, improve the UX of your IT systems and stand out in today’s tech-driven marketplace.

Our solutions de-risk, accelerate, and reduce the cost of digital transformation. We make your business-critical systems more resilient, efficient and scalable — turning your IT from an impediment to a driver of growth.

Does Your Business Want:

  • Faster, more frequent and more accurate testing and data analysis of system performance?
  • Reduced infrastructure and product development costs?
  • Improved UX for your customers and staff?
  • To evolve to meet changing technologies and best practices, without the disruption change often brings?
  • To negate risks before they reach production?
  • To reduce the fragility of your legacy systems?
Digital Transformation

Capacitas Digital Transformation

Our managed service for digital transformation delivers an industry-leading combination of people, processes and tooling:


Access a highly skilled team of consultants and engineers with experience improving the performance and cost-effectiveness of some of the world’s most complex IT estates.


Remove the risk posed by adapting to new technologies and processes. Based on years of technical experience, our methodologies are proven to deliver results time and again.


Our automation and machine learning technologies enable faster, more frequent, and accurate testing and data analysis.

Our 6 stage ASPIRE managed service drives up quality and cost-efficiency throughout the product life-cycle:



end-to-end environments (applications and infrastructure) to identify performance and capacity risks


service in live to rapidly improve customer experience by identifying and removing service-impacting issues


live systems by stopping risks before they hit production


quality earlier in the life-cycle by using automation and machine learning technologies


infrastructure and product development costs through system and process optimisation


the changes into BAU to prevent the introduction of new technical debt and to ensure ongoing benefit

Digital Transformation Benefits

How You’ll Benefit

Systems that usually perform well often crack under the extra strain of a digital transformation. Success hinges on your core IT systems and processes' ability to support rapid change and agility.

Our Transformation Risk Review process will help you map out any potential problems and how to remedy them before you begin, giving you systems that:

  • Cost less, in terms of both infrastructure and development
  • Deliver superior UX
  • Improve business agility
  • Can handle change
  • Boost your service quality
  • Generate more revenue

Results We’ve Delivered to Our Clients:

  • Infrastructure reduced by $36m without impacting critical trading or compliance systems for an international oil company
  • Data centre costs reduced by $26m while cutting the number of risks per week by 97% for a global telecoms provider
  • 400% improvement in e-commerce platform capacity without increasing infrastructure, ensuring industry-leading trading during peak times for a tier 1 retailer
  • Re-platformed a website used by some 1.4 million members without disruption for a major health club chain
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    "Capacitas have helped us de-risk major technology programmes and ensure our spend in IT capacity is optimised."


    Head of Commercial Systems, Easyjet

  • Gherkin.jpg

    “Virgin Active re-platformed its website, used by  1.4 million members accross 262 clubs. Capacitas identified 9 critical performance risks, enabling us to take remedial action. Capacitas eliminate risk early, delivering clear benefits."

    Andy Caddy

    CIO, Virgin Active


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