Control Cloud Costs

Operating in the cloud offers businesses the flexibility and scalability to increase rate of change and speed of delivery. But there's a risk that a lack of proper capacity management and software inefficiencies will cause costs to spiral out of control.

We'll help your business get the most of out the cloud, without costs unnecessarily eating into profits. Our efficient software optimisation and accurate forecasting delivers predictable cloud OPEX and a typical ROI of 25:1.

The Challenge

Operating in the cloud is enabling organisations to discover new levels of flexibility, cut their costs and rapidly enact change. Unfortunately, in their haste to deliver more frequent software changes into a live environment, IT departments are quickly turning up cloud capacity in a sub-optimal state.

As a result, organisations often end up with under-optimised and inefficient cloud platforms that cost more than necessary.

Today’s systems may not be efficient enough to make a migration cost-effective

Accurately sizing and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure is complex and time-consuming

Adoption of cloud can lead to loss of control over costs as a result of unpredictable OPEX

Sub-optimal cloud auto-scaling risks poor performance during peak periods

How We Help

Our Control Cloud Costs solution ensures your cloud infrastructure is capable of handling anything your customers throw at it – whilst keeping costs manageable.

Our proprietary methodology combined with our unique software allows us to optimise your infrastructure, software and processes to deliver maximum ROI – typically 25:1. All without any risk of negatively affecting performance, even at peak times.

Whether you’re currently operating on-premises or already in the cloud, we'll help you secure manageable cloud infrastructure with predictable OPEX, thanks to accurate long-term cloud forecasting.

Our unique solution brings together:

  • Cloud Capacity Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Agile Performance Testing
  • Performance Engineering

Our Approach

Understand Cloud Cost

Cloud Cost

Risk Modelling:

Understand current and future risks to cloud spending

Model Potential
Cost Reductions

Risk Mitigation:

Identify opportunities for cloud optimisation and consolidation

Performance Risk

Drive Out Risk:

Targeted activities to validate model

Manage Performance
and Cost Risks

Track and Quantify:

Risks are tracked and quantified in production to ensure cost reduction is realised 

Safely Control Cloud Cost

Safely Control
Cloud Cost

Performance Risk:

Deliver cost reduction without introducing performance risk

The Results

We don't just reduce cloud costs, we deliver a higher-performing cloud infrastructure with the right capacity.

In fact, we have helped save clients tens of millions of pounds annually and typically deliver a ROI of 25:1.

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    “The stability of the website is critical to the success of our business. Capacitas provide enormous benefit by providing visibility of risk, enabling us to grow online revenue by 39% p.a.”

    Colin Rees

    CIO, Dominos Pizza

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    “Capacitas delivered an effective capacity-planning model that has enabled 51° to optimally develop and deploy a leading edge Metropolitan SDH platform throughout London critically saving time and money. Capacitas have proved to be extensively knowledgeable within the areas of planning and design directly benefiting 51°.”

    Neil Smith

    System Design & Technology Manager, 51°

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    "Capacitas have a uniquely analytical approach to modelling both cloud and Capex based infrastructure provision. Their thoughtful and actionable insights unlock both spend and performance based interventions supporting both architects and DevOps teams in optimization and forward planning for global scale services."

    Mark Gillett

    (Former) SVP Microsoft and COO at Skype


How MetaPack Gained Control of Their Cloud Costs

In this live webinar we will outline how MetaPack built a framework for capturing and understanding all the costs involved in delivering their SaaS solution. 

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