AWS Cost Optimisation

We provide expertise to safely, rapidly and sustainably reduce your AWS spend. We also accurately forecast AWS costs to inform budgeting, architecture, and technology selection decisions.

With a current client we identified $3.6m of savings, and implemented $0.5m of those within 3 months. We are now working through a roadmap with them to identify and implement a further $6.4m within the next 12 months.

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What Problems Are We Solving?

There are many powerful cost-optimisation tools in the market (AWS Trusted Advisor, Cloudability, Cloudchecker, Rightscale, etc), which most organisations with a significant AWS spend have invested in and receive regular, detailed reports from.

However, getting their recommendations into live is difficult and we often see that only a small proportion of the optimisations are actually implemented. Also, there are significant “harder to reach” savings to be achieved through application optimisations (e.g. efficiency and scalability) which the tools can not identify.

In addition, due to the pace, complexity and scale of enterprise AWS adoption, it’s increasingly difficult (and yet increasingly essential) to forecast cloud and other OPEX costs. Providing rapid and cost-effective solutions to these challenges is why Capacitas exists.

Safely and rapidly implement the “low-hanging fruit” optimisations (e.g. rightsizing and reserved instances indentified by tooling)

Identify and implement “harder to reach” yet more sustainable optimisations (e.g. application optimisations:efficiency and scalability

Align costs to business lines and benchmark spend against the market and similar workloads: “What’s my TCO and am I spending too much?”

Accurately forecast: “How much will this platform and technology choice cost me at enterprise scale and in 3 years time?”

How Do We Do It?

We have unique tooling and methodologies for capacity management and performance engineering that has enabled us to save $100+m’s of datacentre costs for our clients.

Our solutions are increasingly relevant for AWS (and other public cloud platforms like Azure and GCP) where there is “infinite” elasticity and a direct correlation between consumption and cost.

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We’ve been around for over 17 years and haven’t encountered a single enterprise cloud platform or datacentre where we haven’t been able to identify (often significant) optimisations.

Our “no savings - no fee” commercial model provides a risk-free way for you to engage.

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    "Capacitas have a uniquely analytical approach to modelling both cloud and Capex based infrastructure provision. Their thoughtful and actionable insights unlock both spend and performance based interventions supporting both architects and DevOps teams in optimization and forward planning for global scale services."

    Mark Gillett

    (Former) SVP Microsoft and COO at Skype


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