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Performance Engineering

Tackle performance issues head-on and protect your availability and revenue.

Our performance engineering services support agility in the software development lifecycle, with a methodology that enables us to identify and resolve risk early.

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Does Your Business:

  • Struggle to quantify performance and capacity parameters?
  • Experience poor UX and loss of business and revenue from key business services?
  • Encounter production incidents upon introducing new functionality, resulting in business downtime and reputational impact?
  • Have software inefficiencies that could result in high hosting costs?
  • Have troublesome and costly defect resolution processes?
Capacity Performance Engineering

Capacitas Software Performance Engineering

We combine our unique methodology with our powerful proprietary software to help you identify performance risk early through test automation – including performance testing, stress testing and load testing.

Engage Capacitas, and we’ll become part of your development process throughout the change lifecycle, ensuring your system can function smoothly no matter what’s thrown at it, without sacrificing the performance expected by your users.

Risk Modelling

To ensure effort is targeted appropriately

Profiling and Unit Testing

To ensure developers can identify hotspots

Integration Load Testing

To provide regression testing of production-like user scenarios

Design and Code
Performance Reviews

To ensure performance best practice is built into your application

Early Load Testing

To quickly identify performance and load related issues, for swift resolution

Production Validation

We review observed performance to feedback into future cycles

User Experience
Performance Testing

To measure the page speed as experienced by the user and provide feedback for web/mobile optimisation

Performance Engineering Benefits

How You’ll Benefit

Our Performance Engineering solutions will get your system fighting fit to handle your predicted peaks. Our team of experts will determine your current throughput limit and identify the bottlenecks creating this limit to reveal the next steps to scale upwards.

We deliver benefits in five areas:

  • Increased rate of business change
  • Reduced costs.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Improved service quality.
  • Reduced business risk

Results we’ve Delivered to our Clients

  • Scaled a system used by 10,000 crew by 260% through identification and resolution of a critical scaling defect.
  • Identified and resolved 3 critical system bottlenecks in an e-commerce platform, resulting in a successful peak trading period
  • Increased the revenue of an e-commerce platform by £12m p.a. by removing a series of critical system bottlenecks.
  • Shortened performance test cycle times by 58% through automation of test analysis
  • Reduced test tool costs by £700k by migrating to an open-source alternative
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    “This demonstrates the benefit of testing performance in production and using a company with a reliable performance capability. We have already engaged Capacitas to do the same on our moonpig.com platform.”

    Richard Orme

    Group CTO, Photobox

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    “Up against aggressive time scales, Capacitas worked with us to ensure our global mission critical systems continued at the expected performance level…unexpected challenges were resolved quickly.”

    John Peake

    Global Test Manager, RS Components

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    “Capacitas provided us with the information we needed to ensure that our services operated effectively during our busiest deadline.”

    David White

    Director of Student Systems, University of Oxford

Performance Testing Primer

Performance Testing Primer

Performance testing is a critical part of software development. If you want to deliver working software on time and to budget, you must understand and reduce your performance risk.

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