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Application Performance Management

Detect and diagnose bottlenecks to maintain optimal application performance.

Our Application Performance Management service delivers proactive monitoring, testing and tuning of your software, to ensure end-user experience is always stable and satisfying – even during unexpected peaks.

Does Your Business:

  • Suffer poor user-experience that negatively affects application popularity and revenue?
  • Encounter production incidents after introducing new code, that result in downtime and damage your reputation?
  • Suffer from defect and performance issue processes that are cumbersome and costly?
  • Experience increased cloud costs due to software inefficiencies?
Application Performance Management for Enterprise

Application Performance Management with Capacitas

Our expertise with automated analytics and testing technology gives you complete visibility into your application stack - decreasing the risk of impaired performance or critical failure.

We pair the great data available from powerful industry APM tools with our expertise and proven methodologies to identify and remove performance and capacity risks.

And because our service is integrated and modular, it’s easily adaptable to any development methodology.

Demand Forecasting

Identify the drivers of application usage and translate into technical demand forecasts

Operation Analytics

To collect and analyse application performance data once software is live, to identify problematic code that could negatively affect the customer experience

Risk Modelling

To identify risks and ensure appropriate performance NFRs are set

Performance Engineering

Automated testing and analysis to identify performance risks early on

Application Performance Management Benefits

How You’ll Benefit

Application Performance Management from Capacitas reduces the risk created by code changes to ensure optimal performance.

We deliver benefits in five areas:

  • Increased rate of business change
  • Reduced costs.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Improved service quality.
  • Reduced business risk

Results we’ve Delivered to our Clients

  • Increased order capacity of a major e-commerce platform by 400% without incurring additional cloud spend.
  • Optimised a business-critical system, enabling the client to defer a CAPEX investment of £40m by 3 years
  • Identified and resolved 72 system bottlenecks in an e-commerce platform, resulting in a successful peak trading period.
  • AdobeStock_57613988.jpeg

    “We re-worked practically every area of the platform based on this new modelling of demand, but we would never have been able to do this in such a targeted way without the Capacitas testing of our live platform. All of their recommendations were data-driven, and that’s what gave us confidence to make the changes.”

    Jamie Ovenden

    Digital IT Director, Arcadia Group

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    “Scottish Water required external assistance to investigate performance issues within 2 key corporate production applications. The exercise was conducted in a professional and structured manner. As a result, the work was completed within the timescales specified and the conclusions clearly communicated and reported. I have no hesitation in recommending Capacitas to other companies.”

    Racquel Murray

    Head of IT Development Programme, Scottish Water

Agile Performance: How to move fast and not break things

Agile Performance: How to
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