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Agile Performance Testing

Change code quickly and deliver software more frequently without risking end-user experience.

Our Agile Performance Testing service identifies and removes performance risk early in the development lifecycle to help you cost-effectively meet the demand for fast and frequent releases.

Does Your Business Want to:

  • Reduce the time taken from idea to production?
  • Deliver change quickly without impacting the stability of live systems?
  • Eliminate the pain of performance incidents as changes are released?
  • Reduce the cost of expensive performance testing?
  • Understand how agile software delivery can affect hosting costs?
Agile Performance Testing

Capacitas Agile 
Performance Testing

We pair extensive test automation and risk management software to identify and remove more than twice as many performance risks as traditional testing procedures. So, when your code goes live you can be confident performance won’t be affected.

With testing and risk mitigation implemented at every stage of the development lifecycle, and test automation optionally integrated with your CI pipeline, you can vastly accelerate delivery and eliminate the costs of finding and fixing performance issues in a massive backlog of code.

Performance Risk Assessment

Establishes key performance risks of system changes and determines relevant mitigation activities

Risk Management Framework

Integrates performance risk management activities into all stages of the system development life cycle

Early Load Testing

Quickly identifies performance and load related issues to enable swift resolution

Integration Load Testing

Provides regression testing of production-like user scenarios

User Experience Performance Testing

Measures user experience and app performance, providing feedback for web and mobile optimisation

Performance Baseline & Regression Testing

Performance is measured and compared across current and past business changes

Product Validation

Reviews observed performance to feedback into future cycles

Profiling and Unit Testing

Equips developers to identify hotspots

Automated Test Analysis

In-depth analysis of performance test results to quickly and comprehensively find performance defects

Agile Performance Testing Benefits

How You’ll Benefit

Agile Performance Testing empowers your organisation to successfully adopt an Agile software delivery model. With risks identified and removed early, you can reduce costs and release software faster.

We deliver benefits in five areas:

  • Increased rate of business change
  • Reduced costs.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Improved service quality.
  • Reduced business risk

Results we’ve Delivered to our Clients

  • Reduced test tool costs by £700k by migrating to an open-source alternative
  • Increased the revenue of an e-commerce platform by £5.5m by removing several critical system bottlenecks.
  • Delivered a 500% improvement in application throughput by early intervention in the development lifecycle
  • In a single sprint, identified and removed a critical performance defect which would have resulted in lost revenue of £290k
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    “Capacitas provides a performance testing consultation and outsourced testing service for easyJet. I would highly recommend Capacitas to other organisations for their performance testing needs.”

    James Mackay

    Test Manager, easyJet

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    “Virgin Active re-platformed its website, used by 1.4 million members across 262 clubs. Capacitas identified 9 critical performance risks, enabling us to take early remedial action. Capacitas eliminate performance risk early, delivering clear benefits.”

    Andy Caddy

    CIO, Virgin Active

A Guide to Agile Performance Cover

Agile Performance: How to
Move Fast and Not Break Things

This whitepaper covers the core principles and best practice approaches for ensuring good performance whilst increasing the velocity of delivery.

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