27th December 2017 by 
Thomas Ballard

The blog considers performance testing in a traditional full size performance environment compared to a scaled down test environment.


  • There is a perception that scaled down test environments do not...
18th December 2017 by 
Danny Quilton

Whether it’s ensuring systems are ready for peak usage, getting cloud costs under control or drastically decreasing performance risk, everything we do at Capacitas is underpinned by performance testing – but how...

14th December 2017 by 
Frank Warren

The blog considers a series of range helpful .NET performance metrics that can be used for identifying and diagnosing poor application performance. 

14th December 2017 by 
Manzoor Mohammed

1) Use more than one measure for SLA response time

There may be a scenario where the service provider can meet either an average or a percentile response time target, but not both. In this case, the customer may...

14th December 2017 by 

Capacitas believes that analysis of performance testing results should be carried out in conjunction with analytical performance modelling. This has helped Capacitas identify performance problems in the past that...