30th April 2018 by 
Danny Quilton

With software companies increasingly looking for alternatives to traditional development methodologies, what advantages does agile performance testing provide?

25th April 2018 by 

Over the last 7 years I’ve run several roundtables similar to the one we held at The Maze on 28th September, and they’ve all been really successful and enjoyable (let’s face it, it’s a hard format to beat!), but...

06th April 2018 by 
Sameena Hassam

Continuous Integration is designed to ensure quicker delivery of changes to production. But we still need to ensure these changes meet perform to expectation. How can we deliver performance assurance in the fast...

19th March 2018 by 
Gerald Mercieca


  • Infrastructure consumes large quantities of energy resulting in a significant chunk of a company’s costs and carbon footprint
  • 6 to 12% of the energy used by data centres is actually used to perform...
05th March 2018 by 
Danny Quilton

Modern businesses are struggling to control performance while enabling faster and more frequent business change. Our new infographic highlights how the 7 Pillars of Software Performance framework can help you to...