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Performance Engineering @ Velocity London 2017

08th November 2017 by 
Capacitas Agile Performance

We recently attended the Velocity 2017 London Conference and were very impressed with the event. Our highlights were:

Interview with our CTO, Danny Quilton

Danny describes how to automate performance testing in continuous delivery and the importance of cloud efficiency and optimization.

Miriah Meyer on Interactive Visualiziations

Miriah presented some fascinating examples of data visualization! 

Capacitas and Arcadia on Continuous Performance Engineering

Thomas Barns from Capacitas and John Pillar, Head of Software Engineering told the story of Continuous Performance Engineering at Arcadia.

We will be posting the video of the presentation here shortly.velocity-london-1.jpg

Baron Schwartz on Quantifying scalability with the Universal Scalability Law

Baron outlined how the Universal Scalability Law can be used to assess system scalability.

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Kavya Joshi on preparing systems for flux and scale

Kavya described an approach for performance testing in production, complemented with performance modelling techniques. This is something close to our heart and its great to hear that others are following this approach!

Kolton Andrus on the evolution of chaos engineering 

Kolton described the financial impact of recent high-profile system failures and a proactive approach to preventing incidents.

We had some great conversations with members of the community - this will help us to shape the direction to our Continuous Performance solution.

You can catch up on all of the keynote highlights at the O'Reilly web site.

Agile Performance: How to move fast and not break things