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Capacitas Sponsors easyJet's Annual IT Conference

21st December 2018 by 
Catherine Brown team

This year we proudly sponsored easyJet's annual IT Conference, hosted at Amazon's ultra cool office in London. As part of the three-person team representing Capacitas at the event, I felt very privileged and had a fantastic time. Here's what you missed...

To create some excitement, we came up with a quiz show format for the event — asking attendees questions about the services we deliver at easyJet. 

For instance, 'When is it not a good idea to run performance testing?'. Most people thought this was a trick question, answering: 'It's never a good idea not to do performance testing.'. 

Of course, we know the answer is: performance risk is low.

Arranged like ‘market stalls’, each stall an easyJet IT vendor, we competed for the attention of attendees as they passed by, ten at a time. While we quizzed visiting team members, the vendor across the way tried to drown out our game; singing and telling jokes at the top of their voices. 

It was great to see everyone so enthusiastic and trying to get their names on the leaderboard! 

In the end, the first team through walked away with our top Amazon-themed prizes, an Echo Dot, Amazon Fire 8 and Amazon Fire 7. While last-place walked away with a less attractive, but no less desirable, Amazon Dash for Andrex toilet rolls. 

Thomas, Gerald and I stayed on, attending the awards ceremony and somewhat entertaining festive games, involving teams creating new lyrics to favourite Christmas songs, which was incredibly amusing.

We ended the day in the bar for drinks, photos, and the opportunity to mingle with faces new and old. And while we have yet to solve the parking problem at the Academy, easyJet IT has a much better sense of the value Capacitas brings to their business.