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Cloud cost

27th June 2019 by 
Danny Quilton

How would you approach optimising your cloud spend? For most organisations, the answer is simple: rightsizing.

24th May 2019 by 
Danny Quilton

Continuing our deep dive into the evolving world of the CIO, we sat down with Simon Lamkin of LamTech Solutions Ltd to discuss all things cloud costs, consumerisation, and coming change.

16th May 2019 by 
Danny Quilton

Kicking off our series of preview blogs for our upcoming research paper, CIOs: A 2020 Vision for the Decade Ahead, we’ve released a few key talking points from our chat with Peter Donlon, CTO of Moonpig. A hugely...

09th April 2019 by 
Danny Quilton

With Brexit just around the corner, all manner of businesses, from retailers to banks are facing tightening of the purse strings. The marketplace is more competitive than ever, and the pressure to optimise costs...

25th March 2019 by 
Danny Quilton

With 83% of all enterprise workloads set to be run on public clouds by next year, cloud services have evolved from the technology of tomorrow to the backbone of modern business in a relatively short period of...