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Case study

02nd January 2018 by 
Danny Quilton

Capacitas has been involved in a number of different performance testing projects for various years now. One of our customers with which we have been involved for over 9 years follows the Agile methodology to...

07th March 2013 by 

One of our clients recently migrated their platforms to a later version and we carried out the performance testing of the new servers running on new operating systems.  During one of the ramp tests that we were...

20th February 2013 by 

Looking at indicators at 3 levels (Business, Service and Component) we will be concentrating on a current client that we provide performance engineering and capacity planning services for and how we go about...

06th February 2013 by 

HP LoadRunner is a tool which aids in creating automated test scripts for analysing a system under various loads.  These scripts are designed to serve a particular purpose e.g. register a user.  With requirements...

04th February 2013 by 

We are presently working with a client to deliver performance assurance for an IT service that is critical to its business operations. Interestingly the IT service is developed by a third party based in another...