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Capacity planning

01st November 2017 by 
Manzoor Mohammed

Capacity planning can be problematic for organisations who don't have experienced capacity planners. From our experience, these are the main capacity planning mistakes that organisations make. 

10th May 2016 by 
Andy Bolton

Today City A.M. reports that year-on-year online sales were up by 6.6% in April 2016, according to the British Retail Consortium and KPMG monthly sales monitor. While this could be seen as positive, when annual...

10th May 2013 by 

Last week I noticed this headline on BBC News: 'Smarter' South East airport capacity needed. Having a natural interest in capacity, and also airports, the title sounded intriguing – what does the BBC actually...

12th April 2013 by 
Frank Warren

The over-commitment of infrastructure capacity resources is a wasteful and costly problem that remains prevalent in today’s world. Whilst over-allocation provides confidence that unforeseen demands can be...

14th January 2013 by 

A common scenario – you have measured CPU on your servers for the past few months. CPU has been steadily growing, and you want to predict how soon you will need to buy new servers. You need to forecast. But how?...