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New Webinar: 5 Steps to Optimise AWS Costs

17th September 2018 by 
Manzoor Mohammed Cloud Cost

In the rush to migrate to public cloud, many enterprises have adopted a lift-and-shift approach that is now presenting them with higher-than-expected costs that are rapidly increasing. Reducing your cloud spend and getting the costs under control is a vital but difficult undertaking – requiring the right data and expertise.

Although there are a wealth of tools on the market available to help, most only make recommendations for reserved instances (RIs), but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cloud cost optimisation.

By signing up for our 5 Steps to Optimise AWS Costs webinar, you can discover a proven approach to quickly, safely and sustainably cutting your AWS costs by 30%..

A quick note to say that while we often specifically refer to AWS because they are the market leaders. However, the advice and insight found in the webinar is applicable to any sizeable cloud solution.

What to Expect from the Webinar

Hosted by Capacitas’s Dr Manzoor Mohammed and Phil Horn, this 45-minute webinar takes the insight we’ve gained from optimising AWS costs for several enterprises and breaks it down into 5 easy-to-digest steps

Sign up for the webinar to discover how to maximise your AWS cost-optimisation  efforts

The principles and methodologies outlined in the webinar are intended to work with and expand on AWS’s own best practices to optimise cloud performance and architecture within a business.

The Typical Causes of AWS Overspend

We dig deep into five of the most common drivers of enterprise cloud overspend and why they’re so important to maintaining optimal cloud performance and getting costs under control.

We also explain simple processes that can empower you to cut a large proportion of your cloud wastage and uncover the hidden-costs of using public cloud services.

Identifying Potential Cloud Cost Savings and Achieving Them Safely

After exploring valuable first steps to AWS cost-optimisation, we’ll switch focus to how enterprises can identify and achieve more sustainable and significantly greater cost savings – without any risk to performance.

Real World Experiences and Insights

Our unique data analytics platform and software-enabled services have enabled our clients to save hundreds of millions of dollars in cloud and data centre costs – now you can benefit from the lessons learned from those experiences.

Find out about a recent customer engagement where we identified $3.6m of savings, and implemented $1.4m of those within 4 months. We are now working through a roadmap with them to identify and implement a further $6.4m within the next 12 months.

Live Q&A with Dr Manzoor Mohammed

Tuning into this webinar live is your opportunity to ask one of the industry’s leading experts on AWS cost-optimisation, what it is exactly that sets Capacitas apart from competitors.

With so many other powerful tools on the market promising to reduce enterprise cloud spend, how are Capacitas so confident they can can help businesses achieve more savings than any solution provider?


To learn more about maximising your savings through AWS cost-optimisation, make sure you sign up for the webinar now.

About the Presenters

Dr. Manzoor Mohammed

Manzoor is a founding partner at Capacitas, who specialises in reducing cost and risk in business-critical IT systems through capacity management and performance engineering solutions. He has led engagements with numerous enterprise organisations reducing datacentre and cloud costs by $millions. In one recent engagement, Manzoor and team identified $3.6m of AWS savings, implemented $1.6m of those within 9 months, and are now on track to deliver a further $6.4m of savings within the next 12 months.

5 Steps to Optimising Your AWS Costs Webinar