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How Capacitas Helped RS Components Truly Embrace Agile Performance Testing

08th January 2019 by 
Danny Quilton

In case you couldn't make it, here's all you need to know about our presentation at this year's itSMF IT Service Management Conference.

Capacitas's Principle Consultant, Sameena Hassam, joined Mohammed Ismail from RS Components (RSC) to discuss how the two worked together to evolve RSC's software development process.

Mo explained that RSC sought out Capacitas because they wanted to speed up the delivery of their software and reduce the feedback loop – "The holy grail of Agile", as Sameena put it during the talk.

Mo and RSC had three goals: 

  • Speed up delivery and reduce feedback loop
  • Improve their risk management
  • Mitigate problems earlier in the development process 

Sameena vividly explained how she and her team empowered RSC to achieve these outcomes by reducing noise – enabling and not prohibiting change, advising rather than analysing, and automating systems.

"I'm an Agile pragmatist rather than an evangelist," Mohammed told the audience, though he later conceded that when it comes to building stable, secure software, an Agile work flow is essential as it allows you to adapt to changes on the fly.

This presentation acts as a useful ‘lessons learnt’ guide for anyone trying to transition their test strategies in line with an Agile development methodology. 

The complete presentation is available to view below, alongside audio of the talk. 

(The audio may take a couple of minutes to load)

 Agile Performance: How to move fast and not break things