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Capacity Modelling

How does an organisation know if their existing infrastructure is sufficient to support the expected growth in their business? How can they ensure that costly capacity upgrades are justified? How will SLAs be impacted after a merger or acquisition? Is there any way for an organisation to anticipate capacity shortages and cushion the impact on their customers?

Capacity modelling tackles these common problems and ensures that organisations are aware of their capacity requirements and are therefore in a better position to accommodate them. Capacitas offer a Capacity Modelling service based on our extensive experience in building capacity models for a range of clients and problem domains.


  • Reduce the risk of capacity constraints impacting the business
  • Identify capacity requirements to support expected growth in business demand
  • Identify capacity requirements to support new business demand (for example from new applications, new services, or mergers and acquisitions)
  • Minimise costs associated with last minute capacity upgrades
  • Protect revenue by recognising capacity requirements and therefore limiting the impact of capacity shortages on customers
  • Understand how various technical or business scenarios drive capacity and thus cost of a service
  • Provide confidence that SLAs will be met under technical failure scenarios
  • Provide validation for capacity upgrades
  • Provide the necessary information for producing an accurate and regular capacity plan
  • Obtaining forecasts of business demand growth
  • Evaluating the risk presented by new services and applications
  • Increasingly complex and shared infrastructures
  • Dealing with large amounts of data
  • Delivering results and conclusions in a timely manner
  • Interpreting results from scaled-down performance test environments
  • Presenting results in a concise and meaningful way
  • Finding appropriate tools for modelling business demand and capacity requirements
  • Availability of quality and experienced modelling staff
  • Regularly and efficiently producing capacity plans
  • Modelling a variety of components of various complexities
Our Service

Our staff are skilled in building and applying capacity models that meet the individual needs of the client. Capacitas have developed and refined a proven methodology to model any business system and ICT infrastructure, which encompasses some or all of the following key activities:

  • Requirements Gathering
    • Identifying a unit, which is understandable at a higher business level and which drives the capacity requirements of a service
    • Generating a long term forecast of this business driver
    • Capacitas are experienced accurately identifying valid business demand units for a capacity model

  • Business Forecasting
    • Identifying a unit, which is understandable at a higher business level and which drives the capacity requirements of a service
    • Generating a long term forecast of this business driver
    • Capacitas are experienced accurately identifying valid business demand units for a capacity model

  • Workload Characterisation
    • Breaking down global workload into its constituent components
    • Capacitas’s methodology capacity modelling promotes the use of workloads to reduce the complexity of the model

  • Demand Planning
    • Application of the ITIL Capacity Management framework to translate business demand into service and component demand
    • All Capacitas consultants have achieved the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate

  • Threshold Alerting
    • Reporting on the results of the capacity modelling activity in relation to the thresholds defined by the organisation
    • Capacitas have developed a variety of reporting techniques to ensure that the outputs of capacity models are presented clearly, concisely and targeted towards their audience

  • Capacity Forecasting
    • Applying the calculated component cost of business demand against the forecast levels of business demand to generate a long term view of capacity requirements
    • Capacitas promote paramaterised capacity model solutions, to allow clients the flexibility of adjusting key variables easily, to identify the outcomes of various scenarios and ensure a substantial return on investment

  • Cost Modelling
    • Directly relating the capacity forecasts to associated capital and operational costs
    • Enables the business to balance the cost of capacity requirements against the benefits associated with business growth or service enhancements
    • As a result, the models built by Capacitas portray a complete picture to justify capacity-related decisions

  • Capacity Planning
    • Using the output of a capacity model as the basis of a clear and concise capacity plan
    • Ensuring that staff are able to easily reproduce a capacity plan on a regular basis, to meet the requirements of the business
    • Capacitas’s staff are skilled in designing reports which can be easily understood at all levels of an organisation and are fit for purpose

Features & Benefits

Cost Effective Solution:

  • Capacitas have adopted a vendor-independent approach and therefore are typically able to build models without the need for expensive modelling tools
  • Capacitas can offer a team using a blend of consultant grades whereby capacity modelling tasks are assigned to the appropriate skill sets, thus providing a competitive offering
  • Capacitas’s proven methodology ensures rapid model development

Flexible Resourcing:

  • Capacitas are able to supply capacity modelling staff at short notice
  • This allows organisations to secure additional resources during periods where team resources are constrained

Skilled and Experienced Staff:

  • Collaborating with Capacitas allows the client to benefit from our extensive experience in modelling a wide range of applications, services and platforms
  • To date, Capacitas have built a range of network, CPU and disk resource capacity models, including for E-Commerce systems, ETL services, CRM services, messaging services, file & print services and numerous database technologies
  • Capacitas have build models for various components, from individual servers to complete data centres
  • Capacitas are experts in Performance Management and, as such, can leverage the outputs of performance testing to deliver accurate capacity/performance models
  • Capacitas is vendor independent and has extensive experience with all leading commercial modelling tools

Emphasis on Knowledge Transfer:

  • Capacitas’s training expertise ensures an effective handover phase, often encompassing formal documentation, training manuals and/or courses
  • Key usability features are also built into the model design to support ease of use once the model is handed over
  • Our emphasis on collaboration with the client throughout the project lifecycle promotes skills transfer and minimises training costs

Client-driven Approach:

  • Capacitas are trained in communicating and eliciting requirements at all levels of the organisational hierarchy, thus ensuring that our capacity models successfully meet their objectives
  • Our client-driven approach allows site-specific factors such as business demand patterns and ICT architecture to be built into the model design

Example Customers

  • easyJet
  • Prudential
  • BUPA
  • Carphone Warehouse Networks (OPAL Telecoms)
  • T-Mobile
  • HP
  • HBOS

Next Steps

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  • To email for further information click here
  • For further information please contact us.

 Related Services 
Additional value is delivered when capacity modelling is used in coordination with Performance Testing. This ensures accurate predictions of the capacity requirements of an application or service based on measured resource consumption.

Capacity Modelling is usually coupled with a capacity plan, which documents the outputs of the model in a clear and concise format.

Capacitas have specific expertise in Data Centre Capacity Planning capacity planning as well as for smaller scale platforms.

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